Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recent Purchases

So I've been shopping around lately on Asos.com and Yesstyle.com. Let me share with yall what I bought!

From Yesstyle, a basic striped dress. I hope this turns out looking alright. I took a chance on this since I've been searching for a striped navy and cream dress. Costed me $26.xx with shipping. Shipping was $10! Ridiculous. AND they take 2 weeks to PROCESS the order, not even ship it out yet. Why must they take so long with orders? It's ridiculous

 photo stripeddress_zps8955202a.jpg

Next is Asos:

I thought this one shouldered dress looked elegant and it was on sale for $33.33 no shipping cost. I was inspired by Raeview on youtube when she wore her one shouldered top in a video of hers so I wanted something similar so badly.

 photo oneshouldercreamdress_zps78cbdde7.jpg

I saw very good reviews of this Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation on makeupalley.com so I thought to try it out since $20 isn't so bad for foundation. I just hope I bought the right shade!
 photo BourjoisHealthyMixSerumFoundation_zpsfb79c57d.jpg

High slit maxi skirt
 photo highslitmaxiskirt_zps0617f620.jpg

I was mainly inspired by Dawn from Monoxious.com. Her instagram is below, and I'm trying to copy that outfit of hers. As you can see in my last post I bought a white top that's similar to hers specifically to wear it with this maxi skirt. I MIGHT return the skirt if it doesn't look good on me since asos.com has such good return policy. I can't see myself wearing this in front of my parents and I'm living at home so I'm not sure where I would wear this to be honest.

 photo Dawnhighslitmaxiskirt_zps9e3daf07.jpg

These all should come within 1-2 weeks. I hope they all turn out to be what they claim to be. Otherwise I'm returning, though Yesstyle doesn't have a good return policy. You have to ship it yourself and then get only store credit instead of your money back, which is stupid. I want to buy more from Yesstyle but their policy is so ridiculous that I don't know if I will or not. We'll see.

Anyway, what have yall been buying lately?

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miemiemie said...

What!? 2 weeks to process!? WTH!? Is it from asia? That's really annoying. I've seen yesstyle hauls all over the internet and I want to order from them too in the future, but 2 weeks to process? That's crazy. I'm patient with international shipments..but for it to process that long.. NO NO.

Love the one shouldered dress :)


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