Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shellac Nails

Have you ever gotten Shellac nails? Have yall heard of it before? It's pretty much the latest trend with getting your nails done at the nail salon. It's not full gel nor acrylic nails. It's pretty much a "stronger" nail polish that won't chip for UP TO a month (I say up to because sometimes it chips before then; usually at the 2 week mark)

There have been a lot of DIY Shellac nails at the store lately too but the UV light device they use is too small and I feel as if it won't work even though they probably do work lol. Plus it's just nice to get your nails done at the salon getting pampered.

Here's my Shellac Nails. I chose a pink color that has shimmer in it. Very girly :3

 photo ShellacNails1_zpsaa658007.jpg

Thanks for yall's comments on my last post! I was pretty happy seeing comments coming in since I normally do not get comments haha

See yall later!


mandy said...

I've never heard of shellac nails, but these look nice! I'm still a bit skeptical of nail polish that lasts too long because my nails tend to grow pretty fast.

Wendy E said...

I've had shellac done and I am really contemplating buying an at-home kit.

Maddie said...

That's a really nice and neutral color!

b e a t r i c e said...

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miemiemie said...

I've heard of them and have seen photos of my friends but not yet in person. Do they just paint it on your natural nails? Don't they ruin your nails?


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