Monday, February 25, 2013

Striped Crop Top

I posted this on my instagram already, but will update my non-instagramers here :)

I was running some errands a few days ago and wore this outfit to do it. And yes, although it's February, it's still relatively hot in Houston, TX. Usually its a cool 70-75 degrees around right now so that's why I can get away with this outfit outside xD I swear I'm not going outside in freezing temperatures in this kind of clothing lol

 photo 20130219_124919_zpsf084ad74.jpg
You can see my acne scars in this picture :( I'm battling with perpetual acne. Luckily I go into the Doctor's office tomorrow and can ask what else to do about my acne

 photo 20130219_125135_zps2f80d346.jpg

 photo 20130219_130113_zps0c162212.jpg

See yall later!


mandy said...

Love your outfit! Especially paired with the cardigan :] Unfortunately I'm way too chubs to even think of wearing such an ensemble LOL & I can't wait for NYC to get 60-70s weather!

IchigoBunnie said...


thanks! yea i liked it with the cardigan too. made the whole outfit more relaxed and what not. and man I can't imagine living in NYC. It's freezing there right now! I went a week during christmas break and the 48 degree weather already had me frozen solid, especially with the wind. i dont' know how you stand it! xD


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