Friday, February 1, 2013

Things Are Looking Up

So I just scored a job the other day! I'll be a part time Pharmacy Technician instead of Accounts Payable that I mentioned in my "What's Your Hobby" post I made a while back in September.

I won't mention the company so that they don't search me up, but yea, I now will have a job that can get me one step closer to getting an apartment. Remember my New Years Resolutions list? Yup, I can officially mark off #1 on that list, which is to find a job.

So my official New Years Resolution list is this:

  1. Get a job 
    • Got a job! It's part time doing 24 hours. TBH I'm not sure I can handle working full time PLUS my side job that I do during the weekends. It might be too overwhelming. I think I might tell my boss from my side job that I'll only be able to work Saturdays so that I have Sundays off (BTW, the pay for pharmacy technician sucks! $9.25 starting if you're uncertified and $10.25 if you're certified. That's not enough money for all the hard work you do!)
  2. Move out into an apartment
    • In progress. I have an eye out for an apartment that costs $529 for one bedroom so far. With my current salary/wage I'm earning I'll probably break even each month if I were to pay for everything by myself. Kinda scary.
  3. Exercise nearly every day (and in turn lose the 9lbs that I gained)
    • yes, I have been exercising nearly everyday except for this one week and it was due to the fact that I've had interviews two times out of the week as well as doctor appointments for my anxiety at a time where I usually go to the gym, so that got in the way. But starting next week I should be on track again given that I'm not too tired from going to work starting next week
  4. Drink at least two bottles of water each day
    •  I don't exactly drink two bottles of water each day, but I still drink about a bottle's worth and then drink another bottle's worth in other liquids or fruits which contain water
  5. Control my anger. Step away for 20 minutes to cool off
    • has been difficult to do =/. 

So not too bad. I think this year I'm doing better with my resolutions. I didn't set too many so I didn't set myself up for failure. Pretty good!

My only concern is whether I'm capable of working 8 hours in a day. I thought they were going to give me five 4 hour shifts to make 20 hours a week, but they want me to do 3 days a week at 8 hours per day and that's a lot of hours for someone like me who is CONSTANTLY tired and drained due to medication and my anxiety. What sucks is that the Pharmacy manager told me I'm not allowed to be anxious when there are lots of customers or else I'll end up messing up. That sucks because I am clinically diagnosed with Anxiety! What the hell am I supposed to do now? And not to mention how am I supposed to be handling customers nicely when I'm tired? I'm worried about my 2:30-10:30 job shift. That's a late shift right there. I regret not telling them that I CAN work those hours BUT I prefer morning shifts. Hopefully they will ask me next time I see them for training.

Overall finding this job has been a relief for me since that was my priority this year. It may not have been the Accounts Payable I was thinking about but at least it's a job and it'll allow me to be able to transfer to other pharmacies in the nation once I decide to move out of Texas.

Alright I'll see yall later!

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mandy said...

Congrats on the job! Glad to hear that your goals for the new year are going well :] As with dealing with customers, maybe you'll do better than you think! Perhaps you'll be able to figure out how to deal with those annoying customers as you get situated into your job and find your routine :D

I find it so interesting how you majored in marketing, self-learned accounting, and ended up getting a pharmaceutical job. Makes me anxious now that I'm at the stage where I need to decide on a major :X

Nat said...

Yay congratulations Gracy! It seems things are looking up for you. I'm also trying to get better at being more calm. It's hard when there's ridiculous things happening around you that makes you go omgg. Some people sometimes. Seriously. Good luck on your other resolutions. I didn't make any this year for some reason. I'm just looking forward to a fresh start!

Izzy said...

congrats on the job! such a big achievement. it's hard to earn money! :( good luck with all your other goals too. if going to the gym is taking up too much time remember you can always exercise at home! :) or do like ab workouts, squats, etc it doesn't have to be cardio. small, simple stuff that can add up to help you feel better about yourself :)

thanks for your Instagram comment btw! <3

Metallic Paws

miemiemie said...

Yaaay! Good job on getting that job! That apartment rate is cheap! I paid $803/monthly for my OLD studio apartment in LA =( It was hell during summer but the area was really nice, apartment itself was old and annoying. I worked part time since I was studying too. My pay mostly went to my rent. It was really hard for me. But you'll get through it!


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