Monday, May 27, 2013

Seller Declines Returning Product!

So this seller says I'd have to pay for the awful shipping price if I were to return it. They said to keep the products because they are real and apparently the case design "isnt' important"

This seller has gotten on my nerves through this last message.

Dear Grace

Thank you for your message, we understand what you mean.

But just case design has been renewed, it is not imfortant point of the item.
Amore Pacific frequently changed their product image and design, but the content are same.

Please keep your item, if you want return we can't accept it, but you should pay the shipping cost in this case.
It is not a problem of product, so we can't pay the shipping cost and will refund only product price if you return.

If you still want to return, we will let you know our return address.


What should I do?

They're blaming me this time around. They think its my imagination that the product is fake. I don't know....


Friday, May 24, 2013

Follow Up On the Fake Laneige Items from the Seller

So I contacted Amazon, who contacted the seller A-Poly from Amazon who sold me these products.

This is the message sent TO THE SELLER:


We've been contacted by a customer regarding the order identified below.

Order#: 108-3162305-8659436
Item: Laneige - White Plus Renew Essence - 40ml/1.3oz 
Reason: Item Does Not Meet Customer Expectations

Details: I believe i was sent the wrong item on my order. The item you sent me does not match the picture that is on amazon web page. This was not package like Laneige packages and the lettering is different. I need to return this for a refund since I believe this is not the same product.

And this is the message I received back from the seller: 

Dear Grace

Thank you for ordering from A-poly.

Our company is in South Korea, working with Laneige directly.
All our product is new and fresh and 100% genuine product :)

If you have any problem with your product now, let us know little more detail.

The box case has been changed and renewed from Laneige, and also they produce many kind of Brand new product every day.
So case and lettering can be different :)
It is not a problem so don't worry about that.

If you still having problem with your item, contact to us anytime.
And also if you can take a picture which you received, send it to us.
It is more helpful to resolve this problem.

Thanks for your purchase from our store.


What should I believe?

The seller claims they work with Laneige directly. Now when I open the cap from the night cream, I DO see a seal with Laneige on it with the "i" having the upward accent like they should have it on the front. So it MIGHT be real. But I don't know. 

There's no email back I can send to the seller that I may want a refund. I had to do this via Amazon as the middleman contacting the seller.

Do yall still think I got a fake item? It's directly from Korea. I see the postage on my mail package too

Thank yall for any help!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Did I Get FAKE Laneige from Amazon?

So I didn't open the product, but I took a look at the packaging and noticed a few things that were wrong with the packaging.

Here's a stock photo on the left and my product on the right

 photo comparisonlaneige_zps032ce57c.jpg

As you can see, here are the couple things wrong:

  1.  There is no upward accent mark above the " i " in Laneige
  2. White Plus Renew Night Cream is written in Times New Roman font on mine instead of the Arial font that's in the stock photo
  3. White Plus Renew Night Cream is written in two lines on mine yet only a single line on the stock photo
  4. On mine, it doesn't say 50ml/1.7 FL OZ on the front. It just says 50ml on the BACK
  5. There isn't a description on the front of mine that says "White Plus Renew care for white radiant & crystal clear skin"

I looked at another blogger's review on this product and she got the same product as me, but it was still different than the stock photo, yet she didnt' take notice that it was different than stock photo. She reviewed it as a product that doesn't really work and I'm wondering if it doesn't work because it's fake.

What do yall guys think? I contacted Amazon and apparently they'll contact the seller to send me a package to send back the stuff for a refund. I hope this works out that I get a refund because this costs a lot! 

I'll be purchasing this from once I return everything and get my money back. I should've just bought all this from from the start. I trusted Amazon because they usually sell legit stuff. Since when did they start selling stuff that's different? Maybe this is just newer packaging from Laneige? I don't know. But the website of Laneige is updated and the stock photo is still different from my product.

So yea, do yall think I got a fake item?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guess What Came In My Mail? Laneige!

SOOO I finally got in the mail the rest of the Laneige items I wanted and ordered.

Here it is!

 photo 20130522_141204watermark_zps71f59d80.jpg

Ah isn't it beautiful? It looks gorgeous sitting in your bathroom lol

I hope this skincare line works out for me and that my skincare doesn't break out further. The worst I hope that would happen is if it does nothing for my skin--at least that's better than it ruining my skin!

Wish me luck xD

See yall later!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wheatgrass Shots to Clear Up My Skin

So instead of creating green smoothies, I figured that that method isn't powerful enough to clear my skin.

My friend has used wheatgrass for 6 months before to clear up her very broken out skin. And her skin is now PERFECT. So you know what? I thought hey, why not?

I've been taking 1oz wheatgrass shots for about a week now. I'm on week two and I already see minor improvements! My friend said it'll take a month to start seeing results, so lets hope for that.

I go to Jamba Juice to get my wheatgrass shots. They are expensive though. You spend $2.99 + tax to get 1oz wheatgrass.

I'm highly considering buying a wheatgrass juicer so I can juice long term for best results but a machine is so costly! They range from $150 to $500. Ouch =/ I wonder maybe I can ask my parents for it for my birthday coming up in June xD

I'll update yall on my skin after this month is over to see if it has cleared up some more.

I'm very eager to get rid of my acne :( i want my old clear skin back that i had in 8th grade, or really, in 2008. My skin was so clear, it's crazy. Now it's a complete mess and I'm desperate for clear skin.

Wish me luck on my journey to clear skin :(

See yall later

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Laneige In Store and Online Haul

So I bit the bullet and bought Laneige. Here's what I bought:

  • Laneige Multicleanser $22.xx + tax
  • Laneige White Plus Renew Skin Refiner (toner) $22 + shipping
  • Laneige White Plus Renew Essence $38.99 + shipping
  • Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream $31.99 + shipping

I only bought the Multicleanser in store. The rest I had to buy online because they didn't have in store. They had the "bright plus renew". Bright. Not White. So I was like, huh, this doesn't seem like the same thing.

Anyway, they repackaged and I think also reformulated the Multicleanser. It used to be in a pink tube but now it's in a blue tube. It used to have baby beads inside to exfoliate the skin but this blue one doesn't seem to have any baby beads.

This did some serious damage to my wallet omg. I've never spent so much on skincare so this better be worth it! It better work and whiten my acne scars D: I HEARD from good reviews that it lightens acne scars so we'll see. They did mention though that it takes 3-4 months, or even the full bottle to see results, so I suppose I'll have to be patient about it =/

 photo 20130509_141333_zps638746c5.jpg
The Multicleanser

                                                           Image courtesy of
The White Plus Renew Essence

Image Courtesy of
White Plus Renew Skin Refiner (toner)

                                                               Image courtesy of
White Plus Renew Night Cream

They gave me a small sample of the Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. I've heard okay things about it how it gently exfoliates the skin but I already have an exfoliating gel at home so I don't think I'll be buying the yogurt peeling gel.

Alright that's it folks!

See yall later

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Green Smoothie My Way Out to Clear Skin

K so I don't know if this will actually work, but I think I'm going to drink a green smoothie for breakfast everyday if possible to get fruits and vegetables (...or at least just spinach) in my diet to hopefully clear up my skin.

I can't figure out for the life of me what I'm doing wrong in my life that's causing me to have acne! I don't use 12902388 products on my skin. I just use cleanser, sometimes toner, and moisturizer. That's it. And I eat a relatively balanced meal. I eat fruit after dinner. I change my pillowcase everyday.

I don't get it?

Sure I need to drink more water but that alone can't solve my skin problems. Originally I got broken out because I had an allergic reaction to one of my medicines because it had sulfur in the capsule shell and I didn't know =/ Otherwise I would've had clear skin right now.

So my smoothie will consist of:

  • 1/2 cup 1% milk
  • 2 spoonfuls of strawberry yogurt
  • a Walmart fruit mix bag of Strawberries, Peaches, and Pineapple
  • one handful of spinach
  • blend away!
I got the idea of making green smoothies from Julia from TheThirdShift

She's doing summerfit vlogging on her journey to a fit body and continuing her healthy lifestyle.

But anyway, yea, my main purpose is to clear up my skin because this is how it looks right now with zero makeup:

 photo 20130508_101639_zpsa001fa3f.jpg

Pretty bad right?

I feel sad and ashamed walking outside the house and having to show my zit filled face.

Yesterday I went to the tapioca store and saw at the corner of my eye two old high school friends. I didn't want to interrupt them, but I also didn't want them to notice me either because I didn't want them to look at my awful skin. I felt so ashamed so I quickly left and hid my face with my hair.

If yall have any advice or tips on how to get rid of acne and acne scars, please let me know =/

See yall later~

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Camwhoring Session 4

These are pictures I took from my Etude House Pore Freshner review

 photo 20130425_160332watermark_zps362c6c52.jpg

 photo 20130425_160352watermark_zps994a199b.jpg

 photo 20130425_160359watermark_zpsf85b3b78.jpg

 photo 20130425_160416watermark_zpsfc0df1c8.jpg

 photo 20130425_160645watermark_zps0bdc560f.jpg

 photo 20130425_160706watermark_zpsdb1b1d20.jpg

So now that I've quit my job as a Pharmacy Technician, I don't know what to do with my time. I'm currently sick which doesn't make anything better :( Can't go outside to enjoy this beautiful weather.

I need hobbies. Actually, I just need to stop being lazy =/ I should read up on Excel so I can practice and get better at it for future work since it seems every job in the business world requires Excel.

See yall later~


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