Thursday, May 23, 2013

Did I Get FAKE Laneige from Amazon?

So I didn't open the product, but I took a look at the packaging and noticed a few things that were wrong with the packaging.

Here's a stock photo on the left and my product on the right

 photo comparisonlaneige_zps032ce57c.jpg

As you can see, here are the couple things wrong:

  1.  There is no upward accent mark above the " i " in Laneige
  2. White Plus Renew Night Cream is written in Times New Roman font on mine instead of the Arial font that's in the stock photo
  3. White Plus Renew Night Cream is written in two lines on mine yet only a single line on the stock photo
  4. On mine, it doesn't say 50ml/1.7 FL OZ on the front. It just says 50ml on the BACK
  5. There isn't a description on the front of mine that says "White Plus Renew care for white radiant & crystal clear skin"

I looked at another blogger's review on this product and she got the same product as me, but it was still different than the stock photo, yet she didnt' take notice that it was different than stock photo. She reviewed it as a product that doesn't really work and I'm wondering if it doesn't work because it's fake.

What do yall guys think? I contacted Amazon and apparently they'll contact the seller to send me a package to send back the stuff for a refund. I hope this works out that I get a refund because this costs a lot! 

I'll be purchasing this from once I return everything and get my money back. I should've just bought all this from from the start. I trusted Amazon because they usually sell legit stuff. Since when did they start selling stuff that's different? Maybe this is just newer packaging from Laneige? I don't know. But the website of Laneige is updated and the stock photo is still different from my product.

So yea, do yall think I got a fake item?


InsideOut Elle said...

It definitely looks fake to me; the font looks completely different. Honestly, this is why I rarely buy makeup/skincare stuff from Amazon because you can't really tell where they are shipping it from. If I can't resist, I always ask and check the shipping label to make sure it came from Korea/Japan/Singapore where it's far less likely the items are faked. If it's not, I just return it unopened.

Even with Sasa, I think I received a fake Laniege Sleeping Pack once (which incidentally, didn't work that well for me). However, it was an unsealed sample size, so I should've expected it. So now, even with Sasa, I only get full sized items that I know will be sealed with plastic wrap since 99% of Korean products comes that way by default.

miemiemie said...

It looks fake to me too. I don't trust online resellers of products! I either ask someone to buy it from the store and send it to me or just order online from TRUSTED resellers. Just return it and ask for the refund. Its always best to be on the safe side when it comes to skincare.

mandy said...

That looks fake to me! (Possibly) Getting fakes is why I try to avoid Amazon and Ebay for Asian beauty goods. Too many sellers & too hard to tell who is selling real and who is selling fake until you finally get the product :T Hope the seller will refund you because this is completely unfair, especially if they charged you as if it was a real product :O!

Jamie Anthony said...

it's real. Laneige has recently expanded its company to the US and thus has different packaging and has different product names to fit the market, even though the ingredients and the products are the same as the asian ones.


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