Monday, May 27, 2013

Seller Declines Returning Product!

So this seller says I'd have to pay for the awful shipping price if I were to return it. They said to keep the products because they are real and apparently the case design "isnt' important"

This seller has gotten on my nerves through this last message.

Dear Grace

Thank you for your message, we understand what you mean.

But just case design has been renewed, it is not imfortant point of the item.
Amore Pacific frequently changed their product image and design, but the content are same.

Please keep your item, if you want return we can't accept it, but you should pay the shipping cost in this case.
It is not a problem of product, so we can't pay the shipping cost and will refund only product price if you return.

If you still want to return, we will let you know our return address.


What should I do?

They're blaming me this time around. They think its my imagination that the product is fake. I don't know....



InsideOut Elle said...

If it's Amazon, I'd just file a Buyer Dispute - 99% they'll rule in your favor. Under the A-to-Z Guarantee, given that you're willing to return the item, the fact you contacted the seller to try and resolve it, and that you have adequate proof that the item differs from the picture provided, Amazon will likely side with you (Amazon tends to side with buyers in general).
Amazon does look over all past communication, so I'd be extra careful to always sound level-headed tho ^^


divinexjanice said...

Did Amore on Long Point not have the item in stock?

Mitha Komala said...

is it possible to check to the official store whether it is a fake or not? hope your problem will be solved soon :(

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thinkblue said...


Here's the link to the laneige korean website. They seem to have changed their product packaging a few months back.


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