Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wheatgrass Shots to Clear Up My Skin

So instead of creating green smoothies, I figured that that method isn't powerful enough to clear my skin.

My friend has used wheatgrass for 6 months before to clear up her very broken out skin. And her skin is now PERFECT. So you know what? I thought hey, why not?

I've been taking 1oz wheatgrass shots for about a week now. I'm on week two and I already see minor improvements! My friend said it'll take a month to start seeing results, so lets hope for that.

I go to Jamba Juice to get my wheatgrass shots. They are expensive though. You spend $2.99 + tax to get 1oz wheatgrass.

I'm highly considering buying a wheatgrass juicer so I can juice long term for best results but a machine is so costly! They range from $150 to $500. Ouch =/ I wonder maybe I can ask my parents for it for my birthday coming up in June xD

I'll update yall on my skin after this month is over to see if it has cleared up some more.

I'm very eager to get rid of my acne :( i want my old clear skin back that i had in 8th grade, or really, in 2008. My skin was so clear, it's crazy. Now it's a complete mess and I'm desperate for clear skin.

Wish me luck on my journey to clear skin :(

See yall later


mandy said...

How does wheatgrass taste? It sounds very promising! Can't wait to hear updates :]

I know just how you feel! I'm so tired of my bad skin nowadays >__<

IchigoBunnie said...


wheatgrass, if grown properly and cut at the right time, tastes SWEET :) it isn't nasty! it's just the SMELL is SO GRASSY haha. I hold my nose while drinking it and then eat an orange slice/wedge after to chase away the smell. But overall it's really not bad! :)

I'm in the process of trying to find a wheatgrass juicer so I can grow my own wheatgrass to drink on a daily basis for cheaper than going to the store daily.

babysaffron said...

Hi...I've been drinking wheatgrass every morning for the past 4 years. And I'm also sells this in Manila. It comes in powedered form in sachet and the brand is Easy Pha-max. It comes in plain or with honey. Made from Malaysia. Hope you can find this one instead.
BTW...sometimes i used this as facial mask also....


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