Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combination/Oily skin in 150Buff Old version and New version

So I was eyeing Revlon ColorStay foundation for a while now since it is often raved about as an affordable foundation that stays put on your face and has a decent color range and lasts all day.

So I went to Kroger to find one version, though I cant tell which is the new and old version, and the one from Kroger had SULFUR in the ingredients! I bought it without knowing because the one online says it doesn't have sulfur. So of course I went to return the foundation immediately.

Then I went to CVS and found another version of the same product but this time WITHOUT SULFUR. I was like YEAAA BABYYYY and grabbed it immediately. I hope the new version is the one without sulfur so I can continue buying it, otherwise I'll have to buy it online.

This retails anywhere from $10-15 depending where you live and what store you go to.

150Buff is about an NC20. A smidgen light for my skin but it's the best match I can get. I'm probably an NC25 right now because of the summer tan but the color is still very workable with my skin.

The boyfriend approves. He said after I put this foundation on versus my Bourjois Healthy Serum foundation, he sees a difference. He says he can't see my acne scars except one fresh zit that protrudes from my skin. Other than that he says my skin looks perfect. Yay!

Keep in mind I've only ever put this on once so far for testing out. This isn't a full review. I will review this foundation later once I've tried it out in this hot and humid weather we have down in the south.

I will report back to yall in a month or two regarding this foundation after I've tested it out many times.

But so far so good! A $12 well spent. I would guess Walmart may have it for $10. Once I run out of this foundation I'll go to Walmart instead to buy it assuming I still like this foundation. I haven't felt this happy about foundation since my Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream. And this foundation beats the aloe sun BB cream in terms of how well it covers my skin. I hope this foundation doesn't break out my skin! That would be unfortunate. Even the Skinfood one breaks me out sometimes if I leave it on for too long.

The one thing I can say about this foundation, and the boyfriend agrees, is that you can tell I have foundation on. And it's mainly bc I had to layer the foundation to cover up my acne scars. From afar you can't really tell too much, but if I use less foundation my skin would probably look more natural. But honestly, since when does full foundation EVER look natural? It's to be expected so don't bash this product for something that's associated with all full cover foundations. This foundation can go from light coverage all the way to full, depending how many layers you put on.

One bad thing about this foundation so far is the packaging. THERE'S NO PUMP. That's annoying! I dispense too much foundation and it goes to waste =/. Revlon, invest in a pump--please!

Anyway, that's my post for the day. Have yall tried Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combination Oily Skin? What do you think of it?

See yall later!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Laneige Update and Self Pictures

So I called Amazon to file for an A to Z claim as suggested by InsideOutElle I believe (thank you dear!)

Amazon said they will provide me with a full refund on both products and it should get back to my bank account in 7 to 10 days. It's been exactly 10 days and I STILL haven't seen my refund in my bank account. Am I supposed to send the product back to the seller first before getting a refund? No one told me that. All Amazon told me was to sit back and they will take care of everything. So......where's my money? Maybe I should call them again.

But even though I haven't gotten back my money, I'm still glad that they were granting a refund in the first place because I don't want to spend all that money on something fake!


Life update.

I'm about to go to Georgia to set up my apartment! I'll be back here in Houston for July but I will be moving permanently (hopefully) starting mid or end of July. I'm trying to hang out with friends before I leave. It's sad that all my friends are also leaving or have already been gone for a while since they are schooling in different states. Now some have gotten jobs (congrats!) and will be moving elsewhere while some are still schooling outside of state or outside of Houston. So even if I stayed here in Houston, I'd be pretty lonely.

I will miss going to the gym with my guyfriend. We're gym buddies and we usually go together. Now I'll probably be going alone to the apartment mini gym. Which is alright I suppose. But I'll miss having some company along.

I've also been eating rather poorly. I guess I'm trying to indulge in Houston's good foods before heading out to a tiny town that doesn't have nearly as good of a variety. Well, I mean, they DO have a good variety, but they don't have much Vietnamese food which is a shame. There's also no big 99ranch grocery for me to get my asian groceries to make asian food in my kitchen. So how will I cook asian food??? gah. I guess I'll have to travel to Atlanta every once in a while to get my food stash.

I've been watching Chef Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery episodes. They're great. I've learned a few recipes that I want to try out. Though I don't know where to get some of the ingredients but o well. I'll figure something out. I want to learn how to be a good cook so I'm able to eat healthy at home.

Picture Time!

And in case anybody is wondering, no, I didn't wear false eyelashes in these pictures. They're my real lashes. I just curled them with a Koji No.71 eyelash curler and coated them with Superlash Mamey mascara by Apple Cosmetics and voila, nice lashes.

 photo 1370631364687watermark_zps7951adcc.jpg

 photo 1370631385054watermark_zpsecd3af5d.jpg

 photo 1370631388578watermark_zps053a3ac3.jpg

 photo 1370631391625watermark_zpsa613a452.jpg

See yall later!


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