Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally Got a Gig!

So I'm totally excited. I finally got not one, but TWO gigs lined up! One on August 4th for a boy's birthday party and one on August 17th for a fundraiser that will make me work for 9 hours long! yikes but yay at the same time. Lots of money but I hope I get a break to even eat!

But yea, calling the client totally worked finally and I'm excited. I'm trying to seal the deal with one more client for August. Hopefully they hire me! I had to lower my rates for them because they're doing a festival that's free to the public and won't get any money to compensate for their expenses, so I know they're on a low budget. I lowered it by more than half off, but it's only a 5 minute drive away so I won't be wasting my money on gas so I can pocket all the money to myself. But anyway I'm getting ahead of myself. I first have to wait for their response to my email about my rates.

I think I got lucky with those gigs though. I'm not sure if it was my actual efforts of calling them/emailing them that did it. But, anyway, I hope to get more in the future!

I also need to get a regular part time job during the weekday to bring in more income. I found two positions. One is with a temp staffing agency for a medical billing and coding position and that they will train the employee and doesn't require the degree even though it is preferred. I hope I get this one so I can see for myself if the job is worth it to get a 2 year degree in. The other position was to be a receptionist/medical records person at a dermatologist's office. I haven't heard back from them so maybe I'll have to go in to the office in person to ask them for work.

In either way I'll try the temp agency first. I don't know what to expect though. They might put me through a test to see my knowledge on medical stuff if I were to apply for that medical coding and billing. Hopefully not though. I just need a doable job that will pay the bills and hopefully get me some experience on my resume.

Alright I feel tired. I'm gonna nap.

See yall later~


ellie said...

Congrats! Maybe you can blog about it and show pictures of your art, that may help!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hang in there! I was just blog hopping and saw your post. It is great that you scored some gigs, so CONGRATS :)
It may take time, but I hope that they start flowing in for you~

IchigoBunnie said...

ellie and rasilla: thank you!


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