Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Instagram

I've made a post on my instagram before but I wanted to repost in case some of yall missed it.

I've been doing more posting on instagram than here on the blog. Instagram kinda shows what's happening in my life along with some minor beauty posts such as my nail polish and what I got at the mall etc. My blog is more about reviews and such now unless I need to rant about something lol.

anyway, my instagram is this: instagram.com/gracie621

Hope yall are having a good one!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm glad that the storm is over. When I went to my backyard, all I could hear was a squishing sound every time I took a step- that's how drenched the ground was.

I'm following you on instagram already I think. I haven't been on since forever. I guess it doesn't help that I no longer have instagram since I had to reset my phone to factory settings because there was no more internal memory. Hope everything is well with you =)


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