Friday, July 5, 2013

REVIEW: Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash


divinexjanice said...

How did your move go? :)

divinexjanice said...

Good luck with your move! Will you have family or anybody you know in Atlanta?

divinexjanice said...

No lies the whole list is expensive and that water heater I scored on gilt for like...100? which is still expensive but that brand is a good brand. Theres plenty of comparable ones, just gotta find one with features that work for your lifestyle.

Finding friends in a new place is hard! Heck finding friends in a place I've lived all my life like Houston is hard! If I remember correctly you are moving there to venture into doing kids' birthday parties right? Well, when you get settled in let me know I have cousins in ATL and they all have kids.

divinexjanice said...

Yea lets keep in touch. :) I have some in Gwinnett County, Tucker, and some reallly farrrrrrrr in Powder Springs. Have you tried looking into Groupon or Living Social to promote your new business? I think that would be a good idea to get the word out. I'm not an active FB user but I'm on messenger daily (yahoo, AIM, and gChat). divinexjanice


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