Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bought Dr. Eckstein Azulen Paste

Beautifymeeh on youtube raved about the Azulen Paste for reducing pimples overnight, so you KNOW I have to try it out. Lately I haven't been getting zits actually since moving to Georgia. Maybe the air and water over here is better? I don't know. But I'll have to move to Alabama shortly this week. The bf got a full ride/funding offer from University of Alabama for his PhD program so we gotta take the money and move. This means me having to start my face painting business all over again and also searching for a new therapist and psychiatrist for my anxiety.

Anyway, I TOTALLY veered off topic xD But yea, this product costs me $24.xx with shipping so it isn't cheap, or at least to me anyway. You get a tiny 0.5 oz, or in other words 15ml for $25. Not much eh? but you're supposed to only dot it on the pimples rather than slather it on like a mask.

Right off the bat it has a menthol type smell to it so those of you with sensitive noses may not like this product but I personally don't mind the smell. I don't currently have a zit with pus in it to test out this product but if I do I'll let yall know how this product goes. I sure don't want my $25 to go to waste!

I'll leave yall with some pictures of the product. Full review after I test it out, if I get zits, will come later.

 photo IMG_8417_zpsff5d8a99.jpg

 photo IMG_8418_zps627bdcc7.jpg

 photo IMG_8419_zps46a3585c-1.jpg

Have yall tried this product before? What do yall think of it?

See yall later~

Sunday, August 11, 2013

REVIEW: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation video

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HOLY GRAIL: Makeup Removing Products Review Video

These are my favorite makeup removing products of all time that I consistently buy over and over. I hope this motivates some of you to buy the products because they're truly great!

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