Monday, September 30, 2013

Selling James Perse Off the Shoulder Dress Size 2 Orig.$75 Selling for. $35 including shipping

So I bought this James Perse off the shoulder dress sometime last year when I was in my old apartment and have worn it only once (other than trying it on in store and at home).

I have so many clothes that I haven't really touched this dress since that one time I wore it and would like to sell it if anyone would like it.

I'm highly doubting any of you would like to buy the dress but I thought I'd try selling it anyway.

*NOTE* BELT PICTURED IN PHOTO IS NOT INCLUDED and for shipping purposes I live in a Non-Smoking No Pet environment

  • Size 2
  • For reference: 
    • my bust is a 32B (this dress can fit a chest size bigger than that because it's stretchy
    • my waist is 27 inches
    • my hips are 35 inches
    • I am 5'1
  • NOTE* If you live in Canada shipping will be extra since it costs more to ship outside the US

Here's what the dress looks like if yall remember me posting this a while ago:

 photo IMG_7732watermark.jpg

 photo IMG_7733watermark.jpg

 photo IMG_7726watermark-1.jpg

I'll send it via USPS and will accept PayPal ONLY

Please leave a comment down below if you are interested in buying this and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fit Body Inspirations (Women)

So I went onto Soompi forum and into the Body Inspirations (female) thread and got inspired to make a post about fit body inspirations, the way I personally see what is a fit, toned, and healthy body.

I don't like skinny bodies that have no muscle definition. It looks more on the anorexic side and frail. But I don't like too muscular either otherwise you look like a man. So in between is what I strive for. I currently have a 27 inch waist that's nearing 28 inches, along with 35 to 36 inch hips. What I'm aiming for is ideally a 24 inch waist, though 25 would be fine since I used to have that when I was 100lbs. And then I'm aiming for  34 inch hips. I'm currently a 32B in bra size so I guess the best I can get for a body if I work hard is 32-24-34.  Most models are 34-24-34 at 5'10 or taller but since I'm only 5'1, a 24 inch waist is definitely not anorexic, too small, or unachievable. 25 inches is my fall back plan if I can't get 24 inches. My thighs are currently touching together even though I know it doesn't look or seem that I'm heavy. I'm definitely not heavy, but I'm not fit either. I'm 112lbs at 5'1 and am striving for 100-105. I expect after gaining muscle that I'd be 105lbs after working out.

Unfortunately though I don't have a gym membership currently. I'm waiting on the university in this town to get back to me about the job I applied for. If I get the position, I get a discounted rate of $26/mo to get into the school gym. Definitely not a bad rate. Please everybody pray I get this job. I need the money for rent and food :(

Anyway, here are some women who I find curvy but slim and fit, toned, and nice:

The one to top the list is Lee Hyori. Everybody knows she has like the perfect body. I am no exception when it comes to that opinion. She is slender but has curves and doesn't look like she's frail or starving.

Another beauty is Blake Lively from Gossip Girl

Check out that ASS man. Candice Swanepoel has an amazing body. She doesn't really have boobs but she sure has a butt and abs

Barbara Palvin below, yes, is a Victoria's Secret model, but she doesn't have the body like Candice or Adriana. For some reason she has less muscle and more of a soft fit look. She looks great and "normal". She has some definition in her body but it isn't extreme which I like.

Jamie Chung, to me, is similar to Barbara Palvin. You see some definition in the abs but it's not overkill. 

Now I can't grow boobs to have what Megan Fox here has but the rest of her body is believable to achieve.

Son Dam Bi also has a great body and legs

Then there's Grace Park( on the right of this picture) who's on the cover of Maxim. Her body looks awesome

Yea it'll probably take me a full year to get the body I have shown in the pictures above.

I've been eating chicken and fish for the past 2 to 3 weeks and eating out only during the weekends. I'm restricting my calorie intake to only 1100 calories a day and I need to exercise as well. 1100 may seem like an anorexic calorie intake but for my body it is not. I'm short and don't need that many calories in a day to sustain myself. According to a BMR calculation, I burn a little more than 1300 calories a day so if I eat 1300 calories I will maintain my current weight. I have to shave off some of the calories in order to lose the weight.

Please, no one bash me for wanting a fit body even though I'm already rather small. I'm not extremely small nor anorexic. I just want a nice body like every other person.

So my current routine will be:

  • Jog in place in my room for 15 minutes since I have no treadmill nor access to the gym
  • 20 reps (1 set) push ups
  • 20 reps (1 set) squats
  • 50 reps (1 set) ab twists or whatever they're called
  • stretch
I know, not much and it probably won't even take 1 hour to do all that even though I should be exercising for 1-2 hours a day. But because I'm too weak it's enough for me to start getting on the track to being healthy.

Alright, enough chit chatting. I think I'll go exercise some after this post.

See yall later and I hope I motivated some of yall through this post!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fish Oil and 8 Cups of Water a Day

Here I am desperately trying to get my skin back into shape.

The oatmeal cleanser isn't working as well as I thought it would so I'm taking fish oil pills to not only lower my bad cholesterol (I have high cholesterol according to my blood tests and need to go on a low fat diet to reduce it) but also help my skin. Then now I'm drinking 4 cups of water and 4 cups of tea a day to make a total of 8 cups of water's worth a day. Drinking water is harder than I thought!

Right now I'm using Stassen Jasmine Green Tea which is super cheap but works just fine as a green tea. It costs $1.99 for 25 tea bags at my local Asian market and $5.99 for 100 tea bags. I put lemon and honey in my tea for flavor since I really don't like green tea nor the fragrance that comes with it. So far I'm liking it for the most part and I bought the 25 pack to test it out, but now that I see that it is good, I'll buy the 100 pack next time

I use 1 teabag for 2 cups worth of tea. 1 cup = 8 oz so it actually isn't a full tall glass of water you're needing to consume to be 8oz.

My bf says he cannot see a difference in my face at all even after 2 weeks use of the oatmeal cleanser. For the sake of youtube videos I'm going to be doing the full 1 month review on it but I almost feel like quitting now because washing my face with it is a hassle since it's so messy. Oh well. Just 2 more weeks of using it. So far only the Azulen Paste has helped me with my acne. It doesn't get rid of it completely but it gets darn close enough for what I consider to be effective for my resilient skin.

Alright I guess that's about it.

See yall later :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

ZIT ZAPPER? Dr. Eckstein Azulen Paste Review (introduced by BeautifyMeeh)

Just filmed a review and wore this makeup in it. I don't know if yall can tell but I put blue eyeshadow on my bottom eye line for a pop of color.

Here's the video!

Click on it to watch what I think of this product!

And now onward to some camera whoring xD

 photo 20130913_145007_zpsd281e3b0.jpg

 photo 20130913_145013_zps8d4d2a93.jpg

 photo 20130913_145022_zps061bbdbc.jpg

 photo 20130913_145047_zpsa0ea491d.jpg

Hope the video helps yall!

See yall later~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Running Errands Outfit and Purchased Nexus 4 Phone

So I had to go to the grocery and pick up my bf from school so I wore this. It's a simple NastyGal top that has crochet detailing on the shoulder and then Hollister crochet layered shorts with a tie/bow at the waist. Pretty simple, nothing fancy.

 photo eea4f5d7-4790-4ef2-a45d-44ef7023862d_zps8d562a4d.jpg

Oh, and I successfully Xed out of shopping site windows so that I don't make anymore purchases until I get a job xD It's so hard to restrain myself since is having a 50% off sale. I MIGHHHHHT buy something if it's worth having. I'm debating whether to get a white short sleeved blouse that looks appropriate for work and is timeless. I want another top from H&M as well but it'll set me back $28.xx =/ expensive to me for a top and that is already 20% off. What to do?

Oh, andd I bought a Nexus 4 phone through Google. I'm very excited. My old Galaxy S2 is glitchy and laggy which sucks. My guyfriends love the Nexus 4 and recommend it and it was only $249 for the 16gb one which I got since the 8gb one sold out quickly. This saves me like $500 since the new Galaxy S4 is about $700+ tax so that's good. I can't wait to get it in the mail!

See yall later~

Monday, September 9, 2013

PURCHASED: Asos Asymetrical Skirt and Zara Skort

So had a post that consisted of this Asos asymetrical skirt and I totally FELL.IN.LOVE. with the skirt. Luckily I found a 10% off promo code to bring the $47 price down to $42.xx free shipping. EXPENSIVE but I think its worth it because it looks so unique.

Then onward to the Zara skort. Everybody has this. Including my sister. In fact, I bought the exact same one as her. A white version of the skort instead of black. I thought white looked better and I already have so much black in my closet. This one costs $49.50 free shipping. Again, expensive, but this skort has been only available at Zara. I havent' seen a duplicate anywhere else, so I thought, okay, this is my LAST effing purchase until I get myself a job. I do have money to spare, but I'd rather not dig into my savings. I need to use that money for rent. But dear God I had to have that skirt.

So now, I am a happy camper. Let me show you what I got and then once I receive my purchase I will wear it and show you how it looks in person vs stock photo.

 photo asosassymetricalblackskirt_zps5a26d9bd.jpg
CLICK HERE for the skirt. $47.xx

 photo zaraskort_zps732e053a.jpg

CLICK HERE for the gorgeous skort. $49.50

Ahhh they're gorgeous! I can't wait to get them in the mail. The Asos skirt is already on its way.

Tbh I really don't need anymore skirts xD I need more blouses because despite having so many clothes, they're mainly going-out clothes. Tank tops and stuff inappropriate for work. So thus once getting a job, I will go shop for appropriate blouses. I do have some to hold me over though. And really the clothes are for a desk job, not really retail. So I sure hope I get that desk job I applied for! My cousin said it takes about a month to be picked for an interview, to be interviewed, and for them to select you if they want. So I suppose I'll have to be patient about being picked for an interview. But please pray and hope for me! I desperately need this job :(

Alright I'll stop blabbing and let yall go. Hope yall enjoyed the post! Remember I linked for you where to get the skirts. If the company/site changes the links and it no longer works, I'm sorry!

See yall later!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PURCHASED: Kate Mineral Gel BB Cream

I've been eyeing this product for a year now and have been wanting it so badly since I've seen great reviews on it with some minor bad reviews.

Right now I'm trying to achieve that Korean Natural Makeup look that Korean actresses wear. I don't want to look cakey anymore with my full coverage foundation. I mean it isn't THAT cakey but I still prefer to look as natural as possible while covering my acne scars.

As you saw in my last post, I bought a concealer to cover up my acne scars to use in conjunction with a BB cream to achieve that natural look. I figured the rest of my face that doesn't have scarring just needs light to medium coverage to even out the redness and then use concealer for the dark spots.

I literally just paypal'd over money to where I purchased the Kate Mineral Gel BB Cream. Only $2 shipping! What a deal. Came out o be $18.50 total.

My package should arrive in about a week or maximum two weeks but usually it takes like 10 days for me to get it from their Hong Kong location (I might be wrong about the location).

For now I shall continue using my oatmeal to cleanse my skin to hopefully get rid of my breakout right now.

Alright once I get this product and try it out I'll do a review on it! :)

See yall later~

Monday, September 2, 2013

PURCHASED: L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Liquid Concealer

So I came across a youtube video for a dupe for MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer and L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Liquid Concealer  was the dupe for it for only a mere $2.95 plus shipping if you buy online. 

I've never tried MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer before but I believe I am a NC20 to NC25 about and I decided to try out the color Creamy Beige for the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Liquid Concealer. I don't know if this is the right shade for it so don't go buying it just yet if you're the same shade as me. I will receive this new concealer in about 2 to 8 days according to Ebay's estimator.

I have TONS of acne scarring so that gives you an idea how badly I need a full coverage concealer that WILL do the job at concealing without caking up, creasing, or fading. I mean, DO expect it to fade a little bit throughout the day but hopefully not fade like my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation does lol, which fades FAST.

Once I get this concealer I will immediately test it out and let yall know if it works. I'll most likely be doing a youtube video on it but I'll definitely consider doing a blogpost so yall can see the shade for yourself if it suites you. Hopefully this shade will fit me otherwise I'll have to repurchase in the shade Natural, which is one shade up that seems closest to my skin outside of Creamy Beige.

Have yall tried L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Liquid Concealer? If so, let me know down in the comments how it worked for you!

See yall later!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

TESTING: Bubzbeauty Oatmeal Cleanser : Initial Skin

Hey yall!

So Bubzbeauty had this video a while ago on an oatmeal cleanser when she had an allergic reaction or something and her skin broke out. This oatmeal cleanser seemed to work for her and lately my skin has been breaking out in red bumps over my entire face. There's no pus/whitehead but there's still bumps everywhere ever since relocating to Alabama from Georgia. I don't know whether it's the water here in Alabama that's so terrible or if it's the air or whatever. Whatever it is, my skin doesn't like it. Even my bf got 2 zits and he NEVER gets zits. So something is up with this place.

Anyway, back to the oatmeal cleanser. The oatmeal cleanser is supposed to help soothe the skin since it is anti-inflammatory. I saw a few youtube reviews on this oatmeal cleanser and they had lots of good stuff to say about it so I thought hey why not. Oatmeal is only $2 and if it doesn't work out for my skin I can always just eat it since it has health benefits as well as a meal. 

So today marks the start of my usage of oatmeal. I just washed my face this morning with oatmeal and immediately after my skin did not feel tight at all and didn't feel irritated, so that's good. Here's to hoping that it works!

CLICK HERE for Bubzbeauty's original video on the oatmeal cleanser

And here's my Initial Skin video to show you how my face looks before using the oatmeal (though I literally just washed my face before doing this video just to let you know)

As you can see, my skin looks pretty awful after looking at the closeups :(

Pretty embarrassing for y'all to see me without makeup but I mean I've done it here on my blog before, though I did it back when I had good skin. 

Have any of you used this oatmeal cleanser? If so, how did it work out for you? Please let me know down in the comments! Anonymous commenters are welcome. You don't need an account to comment :)

Alright I'll see yall in two weeks with my 2 week mark video on updating y'all with the mid-mark results of using the oatmeal cleanser twice daily (morning and night)


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