Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fit Body Inspirations (Women)

So I went onto Soompi forum and into the Body Inspirations (female) thread and got inspired to make a post about fit body inspirations, the way I personally see what is a fit, toned, and healthy body.

I don't like skinny bodies that have no muscle definition. It looks more on the anorexic side and frail. But I don't like too muscular either otherwise you look like a man. So in between is what I strive for. I currently have a 27 inch waist that's nearing 28 inches, along with 35 to 36 inch hips. What I'm aiming for is ideally a 24 inch waist, though 25 would be fine since I used to have that when I was 100lbs. And then I'm aiming for  34 inch hips. I'm currently a 32B in bra size so I guess the best I can get for a body if I work hard is 32-24-34.  Most models are 34-24-34 at 5'10 or taller but since I'm only 5'1, a 24 inch waist is definitely not anorexic, too small, or unachievable. 25 inches is my fall back plan if I can't get 24 inches. My thighs are currently touching together even though I know it doesn't look or seem that I'm heavy. I'm definitely not heavy, but I'm not fit either. I'm 112lbs at 5'1 and am striving for 100-105. I expect after gaining muscle that I'd be 105lbs after working out.

Unfortunately though I don't have a gym membership currently. I'm waiting on the university in this town to get back to me about the job I applied for. If I get the position, I get a discounted rate of $26/mo to get into the school gym. Definitely not a bad rate. Please everybody pray I get this job. I need the money for rent and food :(

Anyway, here are some women who I find curvy but slim and fit, toned, and nice:

The one to top the list is Lee Hyori. Everybody knows she has like the perfect body. I am no exception when it comes to that opinion. She is slender but has curves and doesn't look like she's frail or starving.

Another beauty is Blake Lively from Gossip Girl

Check out that ASS man. Candice Swanepoel has an amazing body. She doesn't really have boobs but she sure has a butt and abs

Barbara Palvin below, yes, is a Victoria's Secret model, but she doesn't have the body like Candice or Adriana. For some reason she has less muscle and more of a soft fit look. She looks great and "normal". She has some definition in her body but it isn't extreme which I like.

Jamie Chung, to me, is similar to Barbara Palvin. You see some definition in the abs but it's not overkill. 

Now I can't grow boobs to have what Megan Fox here has but the rest of her body is believable to achieve.

Son Dam Bi also has a great body and legs

Then there's Grace Park( on the right of this picture) who's on the cover of Maxim. Her body looks awesome

Yea it'll probably take me a full year to get the body I have shown in the pictures above.

I've been eating chicken and fish for the past 2 to 3 weeks and eating out only during the weekends. I'm restricting my calorie intake to only 1100 calories a day and I need to exercise as well. 1100 may seem like an anorexic calorie intake but for my body it is not. I'm short and don't need that many calories in a day to sustain myself. According to a BMR calculation, I burn a little more than 1300 calories a day so if I eat 1300 calories I will maintain my current weight. I have to shave off some of the calories in order to lose the weight.

Please, no one bash me for wanting a fit body even though I'm already rather small. I'm not extremely small nor anorexic. I just want a nice body like every other person.

So my current routine will be:

  • Jog in place in my room for 15 minutes since I have no treadmill nor access to the gym
  • 20 reps (1 set) push ups
  • 20 reps (1 set) squats
  • 50 reps (1 set) ab twists or whatever they're called
  • stretch
I know, not much and it probably won't even take 1 hour to do all that even though I should be exercising for 1-2 hours a day. But because I'm too weak it's enough for me to start getting on the track to being healthy.

Alright, enough chit chatting. I think I'll go exercise some after this post.

See yall later and I hope I motivated some of yall through this post!


Blush and Barbells said...

I admire your determination! Two hours a day of exercise at 1100 calories is probably overkill because you'll have muscle wastage and you'll get frustrated from NO results.
Have you tried an exercise program? Something like Jillian Michael or Brazil Butt Lift? Those usually come with meal plans too. I think because you're already small you'd see some really incredible results if you get into one of those routines.
Good luck!

IchigoBunnie said...

Blush and Barbells:

Oh don't worry I'm not working out for 2 hours a day haha. I listed out the routine I'll be doing and that takes less than an hour :) I'm starting out small because I know I'll rage quit if I start out with something ridiculous and overkill. And I guess I'm cheap so I don't want to buy one of those workout videos. I'll just stick to my small routine and then build up from there once I get access to a gym :)

Anonymous said...

Great plan! I am completely with you when you say you want a toned body that is neither just skin and bones or muscle overkill. I know if I worked hard I could get myself to look like those ladies too but damn it's so hard because food tastes so good!! I think I have to retrain my taste buds. I'm 5'2 and I remember the trainer at the gym (when I used to go) said that my ideal weight would be 110-120 since any lower and I'll be blown into the air by the wind LOL.
It's frustrating because you see what you're body is capable of being but the finish line seems so far! Kudos to you and good luck! I'm sure you can do it =)

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot the main reason I came to your blog. You asked for a review on those nail polishes and I *hope* to do it in about a week or so when I take my vacation from work. I can't wear nail polishes to work so all I can do is wear them on my toes. Not really the ideal place to test nail polishes. I need them on my fingernails!

Anonymous said...

Aww well that just put my ideal weight even farther from reach hahaha! But yes that makes sense since I was once near 120 but still was dissatisfied with how I looked lol.


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