Monday, September 9, 2013

PURCHASED: Asos Asymetrical Skirt and Zara Skort

So had a post that consisted of this Asos asymetrical skirt and I totally FELL.IN.LOVE. with the skirt. Luckily I found a 10% off promo code to bring the $47 price down to $42.xx free shipping. EXPENSIVE but I think its worth it because it looks so unique.

Then onward to the Zara skort. Everybody has this. Including my sister. In fact, I bought the exact same one as her. A white version of the skort instead of black. I thought white looked better and I already have so much black in my closet. This one costs $49.50 free shipping. Again, expensive, but this skort has been only available at Zara. I havent' seen a duplicate anywhere else, so I thought, okay, this is my LAST effing purchase until I get myself a job. I do have money to spare, but I'd rather not dig into my savings. I need to use that money for rent. But dear God I had to have that skirt.

So now, I am a happy camper. Let me show you what I got and then once I receive my purchase I will wear it and show you how it looks in person vs stock photo.

 photo asosassymetricalblackskirt_zps5a26d9bd.jpg
CLICK HERE for the skirt. $47.xx

 photo zaraskort_zps732e053a.jpg

CLICK HERE for the gorgeous skort. $49.50

Ahhh they're gorgeous! I can't wait to get them in the mail. The Asos skirt is already on its way.

Tbh I really don't need anymore skirts xD I need more blouses because despite having so many clothes, they're mainly going-out clothes. Tank tops and stuff inappropriate for work. So thus once getting a job, I will go shop for appropriate blouses. I do have some to hold me over though. And really the clothes are for a desk job, not really retail. So I sure hope I get that desk job I applied for! My cousin said it takes about a month to be picked for an interview, to be interviewed, and for them to select you if they want. So I suppose I'll have to be patient about being picked for an interview. But please pray and hope for me! I desperately need this job :(

Alright I'll stop blabbing and let yall go. Hope yall enjoyed the post! Remember I linked for you where to get the skirts. If the company/site changes the links and it no longer works, I'm sorry!

See yall later!

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Anonymous said...

I've seen this a few times on fashion blogs. They're not something I'd pick up but you're right, they're quite unique. Kudos to you for buying something you really coveted! And good luck on your job search. Hope you get hired soon =)


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