Saturday, October 5, 2013

7 Ways I'd Wear my Gap Gingham Button Down Shirt

Here's me experimenting with what I'd pair up with my Gap gingham shirt that I just bought.

Some are good, some are mediocre. So bare with me. I'm no fashion expert. Just attempting to figure out fashion for myself and make use of what I have in my closet.

So here are the pictures:

 photo IMG_8503watermark_zps698de856.jpg
Look 1: Pairing with a black peplum skirt from Forever21 and Talbot peep toe pumps

I'd wear this to a one on one hangout with a girlfriend at a restaurant. The gingham shirt tones down the formalness of the peplum skirt, but the peplum skirt boosts the casualness of the gingham shirt. So I think it's a nice balance. I saw this black skirt and gingham shirt combination on where I got my inspiration

 photo IMG_8504watermark_zpsdbaba21d.jpg
Look 2: Pairing with black Old Navy shorts, H&M gold belt, and Nine West flats

I'd wear this running errands since it's a casual outfit but it's put together enough to look presentable if you somehow run into someone unexpectedly

 photo IMG_8505watermark_zps26d9305e.jpg
Look 3: Pairing with Abercrombie Kids white skirt with Forever21 ankle strap heels

I might wear this out on a casual dinner with the bf as long as the dinner place isn't fast food but more along the standards of Olive Garden and cheap sushi. It's a casual skirt so I feel I can't wear this to nicer restaurants but I feel like it looks too good to be able to wear it to fast food restaurants, especially with heels on. So some middle-level restaurant would be good. Or simply catching up with a girlfriend at a restaurant as well since it's common to see girls dress up when going out with one another to places

 photo IMG_8507watermark_zps3f594046.jpg

This is just the same look as before obviously but with the shirt untucked. I wasn't sure which version looks better. Which one do yall like better. Tucked, or untucked?

 photo IMG_8511watermark_zps6a4780d7.jpg
Look 4: Pairing with Zara high waisted denim shorts with Rainbow flip flops (THE BEST flip flops I have EVER had. Expensive at $40 but it has arch supports, is durable, and is well built)

This seems like something to wear to eat at a casual BBQ place since this look looks slightly country ish with the denim and gingham shirt combo sans cowboy boots lol. This could also be a stroll in the mall or running errands. Since this isn't a regular styled pair of shorts, I feel it boosts up the look a bit due to the high-waist.

 photo IMG_8514watermark_zps537b3e18.jpg
Look 5: Pairing with Old Navy The Rockstar Zipper Skinny Jeans in Wine and Franco Sarto oxford heels

This is what I call my borderline hipster look, if not actually hipster due to colored skinny jeans with a patterned top lol. But that's just my personal opinion. Some people pull off this look without looking hipster but I DO wear glasses for real when I'm not wearing my contacts and I have thick rimmed dark brown glasses that make me look hipster when paired with this outfit lol! This is something someone can wear to school, on vacation(but switch to flats so your feet don't hurt touring the city!), to the mall, running errands, just something on the casual side.

 photo IMG_8519watermark_zps9eb55f76.jpg
Look 6: Paired with Abercrombie & Fitch Jeggings in White and Nine West flats

This is a similar look to the previous Look 5 but with a different colored pair of pants. So this falls under the category of not looking hipster because they're not colored pants where you can wear this to school again, mall, vacation, etc

 photo IMG_8496watermark_zps5adf3080.jpg
Look 7: Pairing with Zara skort, H&M blazer, and Forever21 heels

Look familiar? It's from my previous/yesterday's post. But this is my favorite look of them all. It's a step above casual but less than dressy. I just think it looks well put together. But of course you can wear it without the blazer if it's hot outside. I'd wear this to dinner or the mall or getting nails done with my sister (though I'd have to switch to flip flops to not get pedicures ruined!), etc

Which look do you like the best? Which do you least like? Or do they all look pretty good to you? Or they all look bad to you? What would you fix in my pairings to make them better? (keep in mind I literally put whatever I could together to the best of my ability based upon what I have in my closet which may not contain something yall might suggest me wearing but I welcome suggestions for future purchases)

Hope yall enjoyed my post! I'll make another fashion blogpost soon!

See yall later~


Anonymous said...

Great looks! A great way to amp up your outfits more is to accessorize. Accessories can do so much for an outfit.

ellie said...

My fave is look 1 and 4! For the look with the white skirt, I like cked in :)it tu


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