Friday, October 4, 2013

Attempt at Fashion Again. Gap Gingham Shirt, Zara Skort, and HM Blazer with Forever21 Heels

So I was playing around with my clothes today and decided to use my new gingham shirt, my old H&M blazer, and my new Zara skort with my Forever21 heels.

Then I took a few selfie photos.

This is a very basic look that you probably can't go wrong with since there's a blazer involved. Blazers always makes an outfit look better lol. So do heels, EXCEPT when your outfit is too hoochie then heels might not be a good choice to balance things out lol xD

But anyway, here are the photos at my attempt at fashion again. I'll be doing more experimental posts. I think my next post will involve that gingham shirt again. Maybe I should just create a post dedicated to different ways to wear that gingham shirt.

 photo IMG_8496watermark_zps5adf3080.jpg

 photo IMG_8497watermark_zps667accfc.jpg

 photo IMG_20131004_083944watermark_zps2271375a.jpg

 photo IMG_20131004_085253watermark_zps8b5b0b7f.jpg

 photo IMG_20131004_085221watermark_zps55aede72.jpg

 photo IMG_20131004_085210watermark_zps87341fb9.jpg

 photo IMG_20131004_085205watermark_zpsc5b8407e.jpg

Thank yall for stopping by!

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See yall later~

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Anonymous said...

Woah girl! You are on a roll with these blog posts! It's a great outfit, good job =)


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