Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last Haul Until End of Year: H&M, Gap, Old Navy,Wet Seal, Belk, CVS


Gap Gingham Boys Shirt (size Medium fits my 27 inch waist and 32 bust) $29.95:

Old Navy The Rockstar Zip-Pocket Pants (size 6 $32 on sale):

H&M Embroidered Dress (size small $20 on sale):

H&M Satin Top (Dark Purple Size 6 $19 on sale with code):

Wet Seal Striped Tank Top (size XS $2): No Link. Bought in store

Belk Juniors Polka Dot Shorts (size 3 $6): No Link. Bought last one in store

What the Belk Polka Dot shorts look like on me:

What the Gap Boys Gingham Shirt looks like on me:

Picture compilation of H&M, Gap, and Old Navy Purchases photo:

Left (A Plum Prospect), Right (Rose of Attraction), Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow Swatch:

What A Plum Prospect Maybelline Color Whispers looks like on me:

See yall later~

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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, tell me about it. I've been pretty bad with buying stuff too. I have things I haven't shown on my blog because I feel too guilty to share haha. Another package of mine just came today.. I think my mom might think I've gone crazy ;P

Oh haul video, on one hand I'm like yay!!! But on the other hand I don't want to enable you. You have a laptop you are in dire need of, and I too have some "big" purchases that need to be made. I can't say what yet until I'm ready to blog about it hehe.


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