Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Fashion Sense Is Terrible

So I only recently realized how bad I am at coordinating outfits.

I buy pieces that look good by themselves, but don't look good when paired with other things.

It's only recently that I began buying clothes that go with one another because I had to think carefully what would I wear the item with in my closet. If I couldn't find anything to wear it with then I had to pass.

One thing I don't know how to pair up are my TopShop garter-and-stockings inspired tights. I wore it here on the blog once but I'd rather not redirect you to what it looked like because I am embarrassed about how terrible I coordinated the outfit.

I also realized that I don't really have a lot of blouses and tops that are appropriate. I mainly have tank tops and strapless tops etc and plain t-shirts, but nothing exciting. Again, it's only recent that I decided to put forth some effort to try to find blouses which is why I made my H&M and Gap purchases for my purple bow blouse(H&M) and gingham button down(Gap).

This is kind of why I don't blog about fashion much other than hauls because first and foremost, I don't have a professional camera to make my outfit look as good as the other fashion bloggers so my outfit ends up looking mediocre at best, and second, I know my outfits are nothing special so there's nothing to show, and third, I feel like my outfits aren't fashionably done well--bad coordination!

I've been looking at fashion blogs like more lately to try to get inspiration for outfits. I'm looking at as well, which is an Australian blogger.

Something I want to find more of, but seem to cannot, is more fitted blouses that aren't a bag shape. For some reason that loose bag shape is in right now or tight crop tops, and I need something that's form fitting, but not a crop top. Any ideas?

Not that I can buy anything right now anyway since I'm on a shopping ban :( But getting ideas is always good

Alright I shall see yall later~ Let me know if yall have this same dilemma or if yall are the fortunate ones with a far better fashion sense than me lol

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Anonymous said...

The more you research and "practice", the better you get at coordinating outfits. Don't worry, everyone has to start somewhere. The important thing is that you start =)


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