Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

This post will showcase my new necklace and ring (ring you can barely see it) and new sweater.

It's a simple outfit but I think accessorizing it made it look a lot better imo.

 photo IMG_8529watermark_zps94262770.jpg

 photo IMG_8530watermark_zps47615d3f.jpg

 photo IMG_8533watermark_zps51540bb9.jpg

And yes I am wearing a tiny silver necklace behind the statement necklace. No I did not do that for a fashion purpose. I just simply wear that necklace at all times since my bf gave it to me so I don't really feel like taking it off lol. So I just throw whatever on top of that necklace and hope it looks decent.


Not much going on. But I did get to a 2nd round of interviewing but I *think* I may reject this company in the end. They sell a certain cable/satellite brand of TV service at a booth in Best Buy or Walmart, and I personally cannot see myself selling TV service to people at those stores. That to me is a retail job. Not a real marketing job that I am aiming for. Plus the company seems sketchy. If the base pay is a lot without commission involved, I'll have to reconsider joining this company, but for the most part I feel like I shouldn't do this job because it's so sketchy and doesnt seem legitimate for reasons I won't mention other than that I feel its an elaborate Pyramid Scheme that is legal but in the format of a pyramid scheme.

I don't know. I'm getting desperate for work. I think I'll apply to more bank teller jobs =/

Most jobs I applied for didn't get back to me which is discouraging. But I hear that you apply to literally 100 jobs and only at best 10 will call you if that, and then at best 5 will give you an offer, but it's usually less than that. So I gotta keep applying!

Sigh the search continues...

See yall later~

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Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! The accessories do make an impact.

And YES, I so happy for myself too LOL. It's just the same house, no to actually moving out yet. Have to tackle the rest of my student loans first haha.


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