Friday, October 4, 2013

Refilm Youtube Videos?

So I'm highly considering privatizing or deleting some of my old youtube videos and refilming them because when I was rewatching them, I realized how TERRIBLE and AWKWARD and camera shy I was.

Granted I'm still not good at filming, but I feel like I've definitely improved some at least.

My old videos were unprepared and BSed. I thought it up as I went rather than have notes and an organized video. I also was unenthusiastic and not smiling. I was just exuding negative all over the place. No wonder I got down votes and not many views!

I also noticed a trend though that is relatively unfair. Videos where I DISLIKED a product I got downvoted for even though I was honest as to why I disliked the product. And videos where I LIKED a product I got upvoted.

So people, according to that trend in my videos, don't like to see me disliking a product even if the product is actually bad and I wanted to share with people not to waste their money on it. People want to hear everything good.

I noticed that a lot of big time youtubers DON'T bash products. They ONLY talk about products they like, UNLESS it's a monthly favorites and dislikes video or "products I regret buying" video dedicated in the title of what they don't like. But if it's like me where I simply state "review", people just go in wanting to see something they want to hear as GOOD.

Pretty dumb huh? But for me, even if I continue getting downvotes, I still want to do the right thing and inform my viewers of what products aren't worth their time in my personal opinion so that it may help them. I hate going to the cosmetics section only to find products people say good things about and I'm trying to compare it with a product that no one mentioned, so thus I end up not knowing which to get because I am not informed enough about the other product that was not talked about.

One video in particular that I have to say I was properly downvoted for was my Naruko Total Defense Night Gelly review. Although I did state that it didn't do anything for me therefore I felt it didn't deserve the hype, I still did not state that I tried the whole line together, therefore based on that I'm able to make a better backed up statement as to why that product didn't work for me. So this is one of the videos that I feel I want to refilm first.

Any of yall youtubers out there experience the same thing as me or is it just me? Or am I simply imagining things?

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ellie said...

Hi! Jst to say I appreciate your honest reviews- if a product doesn't work I like to know why (skin type, allergies, etc etc) before purchasing :)


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