Sunday, October 6, 2013

What Should I Wear With my Polka Dot Shorts?

So if yall didn't watch my haul video from before, I bought a pair of polka dot shorts for $6 that looked super cute, BUT, I don't know what to pair it with that would make it look good!

Now I know I can put a chunky sweater over it for winter and wear it with some tights but I'm wondering what to wear with it alone since it's still more or less warm outside.

Any ideas?

Here's what the pair of shorts look like from my instagram. It's dark navy with white polka dots

 photo polkadotshorts_zpse1d888c5.jpg

They aren't high waisted. They sit low at my hips since they are a smidgen too loose

I've worn these with my sleeveless white button down with a gold metal trimmed collar, but the tie at the bottom of the button down made it look kind of bad so I don't think I'll pair it with that again.

So yea, suggestions are very much appreciated!

See yall later~

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