Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oufit of the Day and Job Quitting

So I ended up quitting my job that I just got and this is what I wore to the office.

 photo OOTD1_zpsead4823a.jpg

I quit my job for several reasons. First is the long ass drive that takes an hour bc its 58-60 miles away from me. And when you're exhausted from work, driving for that long really wears you out =/

Second, the pay isn't that great. They lied to me about money and pay. They said originally its base pay PLUS commission. But I found out through my coworker that it is EITHER base pay OR commission, whichever is higher at the end of the week.

Makes sense though. Low base pay so that you're motivated to make sales throughout the day. But at the end of the day it isn't worth it to me to hustle and bustle my ass off for a few sales that bother people that you talk to and you take away their money. I'd rather be doing some kind of job that helps people moreso than tricks people into giving away their money for a product I don't even know much about to care.

I ended up paying $100 in gas in ONE WEEK alone to get to and from work. I was like, I can't do that anymore. That would be like $400/month on gas which is 1/3 of my paycheck. What money is really left to even pay my bills at this point.

So now I'm back to the drawing board. I applied to two apartment complexes so far to either be a leasing agent or office assistant. It's close to home and offers benefits so hopefully that'll work out for me. I also applied to a leading wholesale/buy in bulk store in Hoover, Alabama which is 45 min away. Pays $11/hr so I dunno if I'll be wasting gas again if I do that job. I prefer doing 9-5 at an apartment complex that's closer to home.

Wish me luck :(

Guess that's it. I'll see yall later. Check out my instagram because that's where I post a lot of things:

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Anonymous said...

Wow super cute outfit! Well on the bright side, at least it shows that you won't settle for a crappy job =)

Re: Internet, shopping, sleep, and eat is mostly what I do too actually haha. Well, except work- that takes a chunk of my day... but it's totally boring. And it doesn't help that I'm dealing with this total creeper either. I swear I hope he stops because it's really annoying.


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