Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years and New Years Eve

I'm not going anywhere but I wanted to dress up anyway for the hell of it and for fun.

I'm wearing my new Zara dress I featured in my last post. I do have a full length picture of the dress but there's too much "stuff" in the background, it makes me paranoid that people will hate on my pictures for having it look messy again. Makes me sad because there are good pictures I took but some "stuff" in the background got in the way and then I can't use it or else someone else will complain about it. Oh well.

But anyway, any of yall have plans for tonight? I THINK my bf's friend called (though my bf didn't pick up the phone) to invite us to a new years party but my bf is way too tired to be going to a socializing party late at night. Would've been good to meet some people but I'm scared of people despite wanting to get some friends. It's just I'm scared of the new people I meet not understanding my issue with anxiety, which is something to NOT tell first hand to a stranger you meet because then you'll scare them away. But also, I'm not much of a drinker because I'm on medication and alcohol+medication=NO. I also don't like dancing/clubbing much. I don't have much interests though I am enjoying playing Hearthstone Beta since I got the beta key to play it. It's like Magic the Gathering cept slightly modified.

I did my makeup today similar to Ulzzang and Gyaru ish look. I did the eyeliner on the top lid and brown eyeshadow on the bottom 1/3 outer corner and put on some criss cross falsies. I know I don't look Ulzzang or Gyaru enough lol but it's okay. I think I look more of it in person than I do in these pictures.

 photo IMG_8703watermark_zpsa8d3be27.jpg

 photo IMG_8702watermark_zps1ad8ed18.jpg

 photo IMG_8716watermark_zps32f7d5e9.jpg

 photo IMG_8726watermark_zps1703478e.jpg
Excuse the background. My desk is perpetually messy since I store my sewing machine there and papers. And then there's my bed though I did pull the comforter over to make it look remotely acceptable and presentable.

I pulled my hair up in a bun again. I like buns. They keep my hair out of my face and make me look cutesy.

Gonna make some tofu for dinner for myself and then viet bbq pork styled chicken. It's marinated the same way as the Viet bbq pork (thit nuong) is, cept I'm using chicken. The chicken is for my bf.

Anyhoodle I hope all is well. See yall later~

Monday, December 30, 2013

ZARA: Purchased Floral Print Dress on sale

Zara is having a sale where you can buy this dress currently for the same price I got it for.

However, for some reason Zara no longer does free shipping and free returns on any orders. Now they charge $4.95 or something of that sort to ship it to you. What a shame! I really enjoy free shipping like any other person.

Anyway here's what I bought:

 photo IMG_8697watermark_zps2859c1d8.jpg

 photo zaradress_zps82442d1b.jpg

 photo IMG_8699watermark_zps62510683.jpg

To be honest I am slightlyyyyy disappointed in the dress turn out. The flowers aren't as bright as in the stock photo so it doesn't appear as "lively" per se. But I mean I still like it enough where I don't want to return it. It is too cold to wear it out right now though so this will have to wait until the spring to wear it.

I have many more things I purchased that I am ashamed of purchasing. Not because what I bought was embarrassing or anything. It's that I feel bad that I am shopping when I'm still not earning money yet(I got a job but I haven't started it yet). I should be saving this money for rent and food and gas. The last thing I bought was from today, which is two MAC 217 DUPES, not the real thing, so I'm not spending that much money. The total for the 2 brushes? $7.xx. So I'm not really doing much damage.

I did however purchase my first DSLR camera! It is a camera that is nearing 10 years old but people say it's  a great starter camera for a person just getting into photography. It's the Canon EOS 10D. Got the body for $71 (including shipping) on ebay and my bf's friend will lend me or give me his Tamron lens. His friend has the Canon 10D and was going to lend it to me if he could fix the camera but I figured I'd rather not have the responsibility of taking care of someone else's camera, especially an expensive one (it's not expensive NOW but back when he bought it back in the day it was expensive).

So yea, it wont' be til a while til I get the lens though unless my bf's friend decides to mail it to me since he lives in Georgia and we live in Alabama. I can't wait til I get the lens though so I can start taking pictures :) It's only 6.3MP compared to my 8MP point and shoot but I think that the DSLR still makes the picture look better due to shutter speed and ISO and aperture etc. But we'll see about that. It certainly would be a shame if the Canon 10D turns out worse than my point and shoot. I can't imagine though. I saw sample pictures online and they look great, far better than my point and shoot.

K this post is getting long, but you can tell my excitement for my "new" camera. Wish me luck! I receive it this Thurs but I don't know when on earth I'll be getting the lens. Hopefully not too much later since I would love to get started on picture taking asap to create a hobby.

See yall later~

Saturday, December 28, 2013

PURCHASED and REVIEW: Etude House Play Color Eyes in the colors So Chic Play

So I bought about a month ago (and just got it today) for about $25 (including shipping) on eBay the limited edition Etude House Play Color Eyes in the colors So Chic Play. The palette comes with 10 beautiful holiday (imo) colors that can be used year round. This palette comes with both shimmery and matte shades.

This is the sample picture of the eye shadows along with sample eye looks:

 photo sample_zps3ec08469.jpg

I feel like Coco Brown, Clutch Brown, and Pop Champagne can be used to create an everyday shimmery neutral eye look.

French Kiss, Misty Rose, and Diva I feel can be used together to create a "colored" neutral eye look, as shown in the sample left eye look.

Glam Forest and Midnight Star looks like it can be used to create a sparkly smokey eye look.

Sparkling Wine and Diva and perhaps Leopard Brown as well can be used to create something similar to the right sample eye look.


Let me review for you each color and then I'll show the pictures:

  1. Coco Brown: Is what it sounds like. It's a chocolate matte brown. Pigmented.
  2. Clutch Brown: More of an antique gold with a hint of brown. Shimmery. Pigmented.
  3. Pop Champagne: A light champagne gold. Great for inner eye to hilight. Sparkly. Fall outs. Pigmented.
  4. French Kiss: A matte whisper pink that's slightly ballet pink. Medium pigmentation.
  5. Misty Rose: Despite the name, it's slightly pinky lilac in color. Matte. Medium pigmentation.
  6. Diva: A burgundy slightly shimmery shade. Pigmented.
  7. Glam Forest: Leans more sparkly silver with a HINT of green. Pigmented.
  8. Midnight Star: Sparkly blue-black color. Medium pigmentation
  9. Sparkling Wine: Not as bright and light as in the pan. It's more of a very muted shimmery raspberry pink. Medium pigmentation.
  10. Leopard Brown: A deep brown that's leaning almost black but is still very brown. Much darker than Coco Brown. Pigmented

Now onward to pictures!

 photo IMG_8691watermark_zps35584edb.jpg

 photo IMG_8686watermark_zps7b04e1b5.jpg

 photo IMG_8687watermark_zps8fa5485d.jpg

 photo IMG_8688watermark_zps34733ec5.jpg

 photo IMG_8689watermark_zpsc1a0b2ec.jpg

 photo IMG_8690watermark_zps7841d6d0.jpg

 photo IMG_8685watermark_zpsb3419d99.jpg
I did a look using Sparking Wine(all over eyelid), Diva(outer V of eyes), and Pop Champagne (inner eye for hilight). I know you can't see the eyeshadow colors since my eyelid space is very small xD

 photo IMG_8681watermark_zps27077b67.jpg

 photo IMG_8679watermark_zps8f809a76.jpg

 photo IMG_8674watermark_zps8ff260ee.jpg
Hopefully you can see the colors a bit better in this brighter picture

Oh and I'm wearing Maybelline Color Elixir Color Sensational Lip Color in Caviar Couture

I tried to take pictures where there wasn't junk in the picture since an anonymous commenter mentioned how dirty my room is in pictures. I can't really remove my TV antenna and I can't really move my desk outside of a picture being taken and I can't really move some of my other belongings. People with lots of stuff and less room will understand the challenge of storing things so that it looks nice. But I will continue to work on cleaning my room! So far all my clothes are up in my closet hanging. I just gotta remove some other stuff I suppose and put it either under my bed or in my closet if there is any room left.

If yall have any questions about the palette don't hesitate to comment down below! I respond quite quickly, usually within hours or one day.

Mk I'll see yall later!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Amateur/Noob Photoshoot at the University of Alabama

Had my bf take a few photos of me and my outfit that I put together at the University of Alabama.

It's by no means professional. It's not even shot with a DSLR camera lol! Just my point and shoot Canon camera and a bf who is doing a photoshoot for the first time.

I am intending to buy a DSLR at some point in my life when I've got much much more money.

DON'T be fooled by these pictures of me looking calm. I was FREEZING AS HELL in the 45 degree weather. But for the sake of fashion, I took off my coat for majority of these pictures to show what I wore.

 photo IMG_8660edit_zps5400ddd8.jpg

 photo IMG_8650edit_zps5bbf07f5.jpg

 photo IMG_8646edit_zpsf74d744b.jpg

 photo IMG_8648edit_zps5e5dcfab.jpg

 photo IMG_8657edit_zps6d9277d0.jpg

 photo IMG_8664edit_zps097757e1.jpg

 photo IMG_8665edit_zps14f5bdaf.jpg

 photo IMG_8668edit_zpsf30c81fe.jpg

 photo IMG_8671edit_zpsa6c7b8c2.jpg


  • Coat: Zara Wool Trench Coat
  • Blouse: Cotton On White Opaque Button Down
  • Skirt: Asos High Slit Skirt
  • Belt: sister's closet
  • Cardigan: Gilly Hicks
  • Heels: Forever21
  • Necklace: Forever21
  • Hand Chain: Call It Spring
  • Watch: Fossil (old)

My sister is going to let me borrow her Prada plaid skirt! I'M EXCITED. It's so gorgeous. I'm buying a red petticoat/crinoline to put under the skirt, similar to what blogger Sea of Shoes does whenever she wears the that Prada skirt. I hope the petticoat/crinoline isn't too poofy x.x

Anyhoodle, I'll see y'all later!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Outfit of the Day - Abercrombie and Target

So I'm playing around with my camera again because I'm bored.

Enjoy some photos:

 photo 0d9e9f24-e3f6-414b-98a4-dbd1639949cc_zpseaaac308.jpg

 photo 169c7b5e-98d6-4cd3-a198-ef6f34e7a00b_zps795aa8ec.jpg

 photo a98589be-c722-4e9d-85c6-1427718a0087_zpsbb82e186.jpg

 photo 5c16a51d-7f73-4faf-8119-d5051a3a1c5d_zpsf3a491e3.jpg

 photo IMG_8611watermark_zps8b34bf80.jpg

 photo IMG_8583light_zps3fd8eece.jpg

See yall later!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Store Thrifting and Purchases at Ross (Vince Camuto, Poncho, and Purse)

So in the following photos I am wearing what I bought today all in one outfit to show yall.

I scored a Vince Camuto pair of black pumps with gold buckle detailing at the toes for only $20.99! What a steal! I got them new from Ross.

Then I bought a basic red cross body Nine West purse for $14.99 at Ross as well. I've been in search for a pop of red in my wardrobe, and wanted red shoes, but I figured a red purse is more practical for me and easier to wear. I know the price is already pretty cheap but I wish it would be more like $10 because with $5 savings, I could save that money or buy some makeup with it. $5 goes a long way people!

Finally I went to American Thrift Store and bought a brand new (someone donated it brand new) JcPenny Poncho that came out to be $6.95 when it was originally $35 :) Pretty good deal. I've always wanted a poncho but never could figure out how to wear it without looking like it would swallow me whole, so I added a belt that my sister wasn't using anymore to complete the look and then wore basic black leggings and a white shirt underneath the poncho to having something to wear underneath the poncho.

I'm in LOVE with the heels. I'm surprised by the price and the fact that they had Vince Camuto! That brand ain't cheap! They are a little snug but I figure with time and use they'll loosen up just like most shoes do. Hopefully I'll get wear out of these shoes to make it worth my purchase.

So without further adieu, let's get on with the pictures:

 photo IMG_8574watermark_zpsc1a8face.jpg

 photo IMG_8575watermark_zps5573fbbb.jpg
With the red purse makes a noticeable difference in my opinion!

 photo IMG_8576watermark_zps61e23b7f.jpg
Anddd my beloved Vince Camuto heels :) They're suede, not sure if real suede though but I imagine since they're Vince Camuto that they'd be real suede.

That's it folks!

Thank yall for stopping by :)

See yall later~

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bought PMD Personal MicroDerm

So I bought for myself a Christmas present--the PMD Personal MicroDerm device that costs $135 after using "frmheadtotoe" as my coupon code for 25% off. It's originally $179 but the coupon code knocks it down quite a bit.

I've seen MANY reviews on this product on youtube, most of them being good reviews, and one of them being a bad "i got my skin burned by this device" video.

One of my FAVORITE youtubers Jen FrmHeadToToe uses this device, hence the coupon code I used, and although her skin isn't flawless, she says it helps her with hyperpigmentation since she has a constant mini battle with pimples on her skin. That caught my attention. I have so many hyperpigmentations and I want to get rid of it in the next couple of months if I can, and I'm hoping this device will do the trick.

The one "bad" video I saw was of an honest opinion that this device burned her skin so badly and she will never be using it again. I am scared out of my wits that that will happen to me and that I will get more and more scars.

I better discontinue my Retinol gel use so that my skin isn't sensitive to this device. The instructions say that 2 days prior to using this device, stop using the Retinol topical gel, however I don't think 2 days is enough. I will discontinue using it for a week or more.

The product is in the process of being shipped to my apartment. I hope I get it soon! I'm quite excited. I think if it doesn't work for me I'll give it to my mom whenever I am able to see her again. But for now, I am hoping and praying my ass off that this device works because it was $135 and I want my scars gone! I long for the days of perfect skin that I had back in 2008-2009 and I didn't wear a stitch of face makeup and my skin looked perfect.

You will see me review this in a couple months if I decide to keep it. They give you a month to try it out and you can send it back if you want to before the 30 days are up.


You KNOW how many posts I've made about my skin and acne and acne scars? You KNOW I'm fed up with it and have been so desperate to get rid of it by drinking water, changing pillowcases daily, drinking green smoothies, going to the dermatologist, etc.

BTW, I am on Solodyn 80mg for my acne. So far it's cleared up SOME of my acne, but not all, and it's approaching 2 month mark. It's only been about 1.5 months since I've started taking it, but I honestly thought it would clear me up faster than this. Oh well, patience right? Or maybe I need a higher dose. Dunno.

Alright I gotta go to my Dr's appointment and apply for jobs.

See yall later~


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