Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years and New Years Eve

I'm not going anywhere but I wanted to dress up anyway for the hell of it and for fun.

I'm wearing my new Zara dress I featured in my last post. I do have a full length picture of the dress but there's too much "stuff" in the background, it makes me paranoid that people will hate on my pictures for having it look messy again. Makes me sad because there are good pictures I took but some "stuff" in the background got in the way and then I can't use it or else someone else will complain about it. Oh well.

But anyway, any of yall have plans for tonight? I THINK my bf's friend called (though my bf didn't pick up the phone) to invite us to a new years party but my bf is way too tired to be going to a socializing party late at night. Would've been good to meet some people but I'm scared of people despite wanting to get some friends. It's just I'm scared of the new people I meet not understanding my issue with anxiety, which is something to NOT tell first hand to a stranger you meet because then you'll scare them away. But also, I'm not much of a drinker because I'm on medication and alcohol+medication=NO. I also don't like dancing/clubbing much. I don't have much interests though I am enjoying playing Hearthstone Beta since I got the beta key to play it. It's like Magic the Gathering cept slightly modified.

I did my makeup today similar to Ulzzang and Gyaru ish look. I did the eyeliner on the top lid and brown eyeshadow on the bottom 1/3 outer corner and put on some criss cross falsies. I know I don't look Ulzzang or Gyaru enough lol but it's okay. I think I look more of it in person than I do in these pictures.

 photo IMG_8703watermark_zpsa8d3be27.jpg

 photo IMG_8702watermark_zps1ad8ed18.jpg

 photo IMG_8716watermark_zps32f7d5e9.jpg

 photo IMG_8726watermark_zps1703478e.jpg
Excuse the background. My desk is perpetually messy since I store my sewing machine there and papers. And then there's my bed though I did pull the comforter over to make it look remotely acceptable and presentable.

I pulled my hair up in a bun again. I like buns. They keep my hair out of my face and make me look cutesy.

Gonna make some tofu for dinner for myself and then viet bbq pork styled chicken. It's marinated the same way as the Viet bbq pork (thit nuong) is, cept I'm using chicken. The chicken is for my bf.

Anyhoodle I hope all is well. See yall later~


mandy said...

Happy New Year!! :D

ellie said...

I would love to see a full length pic of that dress!! Happy new year!! Hope all goes well for you this year, especially job wise!

(If it's not too much of a bother, are you able to help follow my blogs?)



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