Sunday, December 22, 2013

Outfit of the Day - Abercrombie and Target

So I'm playing around with my camera again because I'm bored.

Enjoy some photos:

 photo 0d9e9f24-e3f6-414b-98a4-dbd1639949cc_zpseaaac308.jpg

 photo 169c7b5e-98d6-4cd3-a198-ef6f34e7a00b_zps795aa8ec.jpg

 photo a98589be-c722-4e9d-85c6-1427718a0087_zpsbb82e186.jpg

 photo 5c16a51d-7f73-4faf-8119-d5051a3a1c5d_zpsf3a491e3.jpg

 photo IMG_8611watermark_zps8b34bf80.jpg

 photo IMG_8583light_zps3fd8eece.jpg

See yall later!


Anonymous said...

Hey, i love your outfits they always look nice, but i just cant get over the mess around you in the room where you take your pics. I'm soryy but it's time to Clean up!!!

IchigoBunnie said...

Anonymous: thank you for the constructive criticism. Although I personally don't believe one laundry basket makes an entire room messy, I will remove the laundry basket for my future posts to make it easier on everyone's eyes. Again thank you for the criticism


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