Saturday, December 14, 2013

Store Thrifting and Purchases at Ross (Vince Camuto, Poncho, and Purse)

So in the following photos I am wearing what I bought today all in one outfit to show yall.

I scored a Vince Camuto pair of black pumps with gold buckle detailing at the toes for only $20.99! What a steal! I got them new from Ross.

Then I bought a basic red cross body Nine West purse for $14.99 at Ross as well. I've been in search for a pop of red in my wardrobe, and wanted red shoes, but I figured a red purse is more practical for me and easier to wear. I know the price is already pretty cheap but I wish it would be more like $10 because with $5 savings, I could save that money or buy some makeup with it. $5 goes a long way people!

Finally I went to American Thrift Store and bought a brand new (someone donated it brand new) JcPenny Poncho that came out to be $6.95 when it was originally $35 :) Pretty good deal. I've always wanted a poncho but never could figure out how to wear it without looking like it would swallow me whole, so I added a belt that my sister wasn't using anymore to complete the look and then wore basic black leggings and a white shirt underneath the poncho to having something to wear underneath the poncho.

I'm in LOVE with the heels. I'm surprised by the price and the fact that they had Vince Camuto! That brand ain't cheap! They are a little snug but I figure with time and use they'll loosen up just like most shoes do. Hopefully I'll get wear out of these shoes to make it worth my purchase.

So without further adieu, let's get on with the pictures:

 photo IMG_8574watermark_zpsc1a8face.jpg

 photo IMG_8575watermark_zps5573fbbb.jpg
With the red purse makes a noticeable difference in my opinion!

 photo IMG_8576watermark_zps61e23b7f.jpg
Anddd my beloved Vince Camuto heels :) They're suede, not sure if real suede though but I imagine since they're Vince Camuto that they'd be real suede.

That's it folks!

Thank yall for stopping by :)

See yall later~

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Anonymous said...

Very nice purchases! I wish I could go to a Ross. It seems even better than the Winners we have here.


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