Monday, December 30, 2013

ZARA: Purchased Floral Print Dress on sale

Zara is having a sale where you can buy this dress currently for the same price I got it for.

However, for some reason Zara no longer does free shipping and free returns on any orders. Now they charge $4.95 or something of that sort to ship it to you. What a shame! I really enjoy free shipping like any other person.

Anyway here's what I bought:

 photo IMG_8697watermark_zps2859c1d8.jpg

 photo zaradress_zps82442d1b.jpg

 photo IMG_8699watermark_zps62510683.jpg

To be honest I am slightlyyyyy disappointed in the dress turn out. The flowers aren't as bright as in the stock photo so it doesn't appear as "lively" per se. But I mean I still like it enough where I don't want to return it. It is too cold to wear it out right now though so this will have to wait until the spring to wear it.

I have many more things I purchased that I am ashamed of purchasing. Not because what I bought was embarrassing or anything. It's that I feel bad that I am shopping when I'm still not earning money yet(I got a job but I haven't started it yet). I should be saving this money for rent and food and gas. The last thing I bought was from today, which is two MAC 217 DUPES, not the real thing, so I'm not spending that much money. The total for the 2 brushes? $7.xx. So I'm not really doing much damage.

I did however purchase my first DSLR camera! It is a camera that is nearing 10 years old but people say it's  a great starter camera for a person just getting into photography. It's the Canon EOS 10D. Got the body for $71 (including shipping) on ebay and my bf's friend will lend me or give me his Tamron lens. His friend has the Canon 10D and was going to lend it to me if he could fix the camera but I figured I'd rather not have the responsibility of taking care of someone else's camera, especially an expensive one (it's not expensive NOW but back when he bought it back in the day it was expensive).

So yea, it wont' be til a while til I get the lens though unless my bf's friend decides to mail it to me since he lives in Georgia and we live in Alabama. I can't wait til I get the lens though so I can start taking pictures :) It's only 6.3MP compared to my 8MP point and shoot but I think that the DSLR still makes the picture look better due to shutter speed and ISO and aperture etc. But we'll see about that. It certainly would be a shame if the Canon 10D turns out worse than my point and shoot. I can't imagine though. I saw sample pictures online and they look great, far better than my point and shoot.

K this post is getting long, but you can tell my excitement for my "new" camera. Wish me luck! I receive it this Thurs but I don't know when on earth I'll be getting the lens. Hopefully not too much later since I would love to get started on picture taking asap to create a hobby.

See yall later~

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