Monday, January 20, 2014

Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham, Alabama

Just another random post of random pictures. This one is kinda boring but oh well lol

 photo IMG_6522watermark_zps0a02af2d.jpg
Fairly large Forever21 department store size

 photo IMG_6523watermark_zps4551baca.jpg
Didn't quite find anything I liked in the sale section but I mean the sale was great at an additional 50% off

 photo IMG_6524watermark_zpsb5505be2.jpg
They pulled me in to take a picture of them to eventually make me try their products at the kiosk. The guy in the middle introduced me to a product that's EXACTLY the same as Cure peeling gel. He claimed it is medicine, not a skincare, therefore it is even more beneficial for your skin. Bullshit obviously. I got a knock off at 99ranch for far cheaper and I told him I'm not interested because I already have that product at home, just a different brand. He's like, oh yea? How much did you pay for it. I said $8 (forgot that it was actually $13 but the point is it was cheap) and at that point he was like "alright thank you for your time" and let me go because he couldn't beat that price. Poor guy. I know first hand it isn't easy being a salesperson. But to deliberately lie and tell me it's medicine, I feel like I can't sympathize too much.

 photo IMG_6525watermark_zps6c3a0f80.jpg
Bad picture of me but whatever. My foundation isn't in tact. This picture was actually from a day I went to work so this is me after 8 hours. I guess the foundation isn't THAT bad but I mean I wish it looked better by the end of the day.

Today I'm going to see my psychologist so I'm not gonna wear any makeup to give my skin room to breathe. I got two new pimples since I've been napping in my makeup. Bad of me but I'm just so tired from coming home from work. No excuses though. Gotta wash it off the second I get home from now on.

Mk See yall in my next post!

Trip to Atlanta, Georgia January 11th and 12th 2014

So it was time to visit Atlanta, Georgia to see my bf's mother for the first time. I was nervous but the mother is a total sweetheart and made everything easy. She converses very well and doesn't ever make things awkward. Very nice woman.

Here are just some random pictures from the trip. There were more pictures of people but for the sake of privacy I won't be putting them on here.

 photo IMG_6504watermark_zps31a4b903.jpg

 photo IMG_6505edit_zps2e5f9d87.jpg
Forgot to watermark this picture D: but my bf is in his glasses so he looks slightly different than the pictures I posted in my "Meet My Boyfriend" post. He's long overdue for a haircut lol

 photo IMG_6506watermark_zpsbe008e8f.jpg
Pretty early morning sky

 photo IMG_6507watermark_zps02b05f28.jpg
Only 15 minutes out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

 photo IMG_6512watermark_zpse25480b8.jpg
Me at a food/bar place in Atlantic Station, Atlanta, Georgia. Picture taken by my bf's friend

 photo IMG_6520watermark_zps8b899dd8.jpg
It was at least tasty enough to drink. Couldn't taste the alcohol much which is good for me. I hate the taste of alcohol. I regret drinking though since I knew it would mix with my medication and make me sleepy so thanks to me the group had to call it a night because I was toppling over sleepy :( I felt bad about that but thankfully the bf's friend understood. He too gets sleepy when he drinks. The rest of the group didn't really care much about my sleepiness I guess but that one friend did. Very nice of him to look out for me.

Alright I will be posting another random post soon and then yet another one just because I took a number of pictures since I love taking pictures with my new camera xD Hope yall don't mind the influx of pictures and posts!

See yall later :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Slightly Unfortunate Experience With ChicWish. EDIT: UPDATED Info with ChicWish

Bottom line, they took ONE MONTH to ONLY PROCESS my order, not even ship it out. They say this is out of their control due to bad snow storm whether here in the US, but that has NOTHING to do with processing the order.

I'm not blaming them for shipping slow. I'm blaming them for processing the order so slow and not even communicating with me that they would take that long to process orders. Processing orders has nothing to do with shipping!

I ordered an adorable mini backpack and have been excited to get it, and still excited to get it, but this long wait has put a damper on my mood.

I emailed ChicWish about this and all the said again was that this is out of their control now that it has been shipped. I wanted them to recognize instead, not about the slow shipping, but the slow processing which IS in their control.

To be honest, I'm not even sure what I'm trying to accomplish with emailing them my unhappiness of such slow processing. I guess I just hope they use this experience to communicate with their future customers that processing takes one month alone, not including shipping time.

Do you guys think I'm overreacting? I don't know.

For the most part, I think I won't be purchasing from ChicWish again =/

Thanks for reading and listening,

See yall later

Received my package and the zippers don't work.

Emailed ChicWish telling them I'm a fashion and beauty blogger and youtuber and said if they don't fix this problem I will leave a bad review. I think after telling them I blog and youtube, they finally took me seriously and decided to send me another mini backpack that will be in working condition.

It's great that they are rectifying this problem, but I can't help but feel that they probably only took me seriously because I was going to make a youtube video on a bad review of them if they didn't help me.

I originally emailed them before and with my last email they never responded to my concerns. That upset me and that's when I warned them I'm a blogger and youtuber so now they feel threatened. Isn't that sad that they IGNORED me when I was a "regular customer" and then all of a sudden went out of their way to send me a new mini backpack because of their new found knowledge that I'm a blogger and youtuber?

I was going to leave a very good review of them for rectifying the situation, but I need to be transparent and honest in any and all my reviews and tell everyone what REALLY happened.

Despite ChicWish's efforts to rectify the situation, I still don't think I would be purchasing them again =/

Friday, January 10, 2014

Running Errands

Some random pictures while I was out and about in my town. Mainly I was just playing with my new camera lol

 photo IMG_6364watermark_zps6c22200d.jpg
This little guy is a cat holding a sausage link. It's like 10 years old from some Asian gift shop similar to Sanrio except they carry a wide variety of stuff non-Sanrio

 photo IMG_6362watermark_zpsf47fb8d2.jpg
My amazing 2010 Scion tC. I love it to pieces. My first car and it has treated me very well. I sure hope I'm doing a good job taking care of it in return

 photo IMG_6363watermark_zpsfddf1b3e.jpg
That's a lot of mileage for 3 years of driving x.x Commuting to the university for 2 years really added miles

 photo IMG_6361watermark_zpsda2aed38.jpg
Handy buttons to change the radio station or CD/iPod song and adjust volume

 photo IMG_6367watermark_zps375b4876.jpg

 photo IMG_6365watermark_zpsaa4fe825.jpg

 photo IMG_6368watermark_zps014d60de.jpg

 photo IMG_6369watermark_zps89ac5a0d.jpg

That's my day! Not today though. These pictures were from about a few days ago lol

How's your day? :)

See yall later~

PURCHASED: ravenevejewelry. An Etsy Armour Ring

So I was on a hunt for an armour ring that wasn't ridiculous or over the top. I've seen too many that have a "claw" point at the end and some that look like full armour. I just wanted a simple one, so I chose this one from Etsy. It looks great, however I haven't worn it out that much. It was expensive at $20 including shipping. It's $16 + $4 shipping. I got this about 2 months ago.

I slightly regret getting it, not because it's some bad product. No. It's great and good quality. Nothing wrong with it. But I feel like $20 is a lot of money for a fashion ring that I don't wear often. But hopefully I'll find ways to incorporate it into my outfits.

Link to buy this ring: CLICK HERE

 photo IMG_6410watermark_zps5c1c5b78.jpg

 photo IMG_6409watermark_zps888f390b.jpg

 photo IMG_6413watermark_zps888f390b.jpg

It's pretty isn't it? It's customized to fit your ring size. You're supposed to wear this ring on your fourth or index finger. I'm a size 5 and it fits very well on both those fingers on both hands.

One thing though, is that I'm scared of breaking the ring because the part that goes around your finger is made out of elastic and beads rather than straight up metal. Sure that's what provides a great fit, but it's so prone to breaking in my opinion, so when wearing this I've got to be careful. Maybe it isn't as fragile as I think but I'd like to be careful so I don't break it and waste $20

How would you wear this armour ring? With what other rings and/or bracelets or necklaces etc would you wear it with? I need ideas! Silver with silver? Would silver and gold clash too much?

See yall later :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Testing Out My Canon 10D On Myself with Etsy Tartan Skirt

So here's some pictures of myself and a fun spring outfit even though it's freakin cold outside.

I got the Tartan skirt off of etsy. I love how it's like circa 60s or something vintage since its a long skirt on me that's plaid. I paired it with my crop top since I wanted to make use of my crop top since I hardly ever wear it. After looking back at my "what i'd pair with my crop top" blogpost, I cringe at it, seeing that what I paired with it looked pretty damn awful. I'm considering taking it down or putting it on private so no more people can see it.

But I am satisfied with this pairing since its a showy top paired with a modest skirt, so things even out. I will never understand how people wear crop tops with shorts and make it look non-trashy. Maybe my body just doesn't work well with crop tops =/

 photo IMG_6473watermark_zpse922da42.jpg

 photo IMG_6463watermark_zpsf52e2c2e.jpg

 photo IMG_6462watermark_zps853c962b.jpg

 photo IMG_6343watermark_zpse4e2df58.jpg

 photo IMG_6428watermark_zps7336d4c7.jpg

 photo IMG_6378watermark_zpsd87a9782.jpg

You can probably see through my foundation that I have pretty blotchy bumpy skin. I guess yall couldn't really see it before due to my point and shoot camera, but with this DSLR it seems to capture every detail. But it's okay. Hopefully with a bit of effort I'll obtain good skin again sometime this year.

See yall later~

Meet My Boyfriend :)

I finally got a EF 50mm/F 1.8 lens for myself from Best Buy so I went picture happy and took some test shots of my boyfriend.

He said it was okay for me to post his pictures on my blog, so yay!

Here he is :) Sorry for such an uber close up. Was just testing out my camera. Should've stayed a bit further back

 photo IMG_6339watermark_zps1bebce42.jpg

 photo IMG_6338watermark_zpsdae864ce.jpg

 photo IMG_6340watermark2_zps414f36df.jpg

You can't see it too well but he's got lovely blue eyes :D

Okay I'll upload some more test shots of myself and an outfit or whatever in another post after this

See yall later :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

My First DSLR: Canon 10D

It's a camera that's pretty much 10 years old, but it's still fully functional and produces great pictures.

Now all I need is a lens lol.

I bought the camera body only since the lens wasn't included, which is a shame, but assuming my bf's friend is gonna lend me his lens that he used to use for his Canon 10D, I should be set, but one day I'd rather own a lens by myself so that I don't have to have the responsibility of taking care of someone's precious belonging. I mean I'm grateful he's going to lend it to me, but I'm scared out of my wits I'll somehow scratch it or whatever.

So far I'm looking at the Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II lens since that seems to be the most basic and cheapest lens to start with.

This camera is tricky to find lenses that are compatible it seems. It holds only EF lenses rather than EF-S lenses which are the newer lenses for DSLR's. Had I known I probably would've gone with the Canon 20D instead, but its okay, what's done is done. I'm trying to google up lenses that are compatible but for some reason EF-S lenses show up rather than EF's so I don't know quite what to do.

But anyway, here's my new baby:

 photo FirstDSLR_zps7793416b.jpg

Good authorized seller on ebay too. It's basically a camera and TV store reselling things on ebay, so it's an actual physical standing store rather than someone sketchy, so that for the most part guaranteed me a good functioning product that's in good shape.

I'm waiting for the batteries to finish charging before I start playing with it. Of course I can't test taking pictures yet because I don't have the lens but I want to see what the screen interface looks like to get used to things. I still need to buy a memory card though! The one it came with only has 256MB which is pretty sad xD I don't think that'll be able to hold barely any pictures! But I'm glad they gave me something to work with. I'm curious to see if that memory card is filled with the previous user's pictures or whether it's empty.

Anyhoodle, just wanted to share with yall the happy news of my "new" yet old camera. I've always been a Canon girl. I like the interface of the screen. It's easy to navigate.

Mk, see yall later~


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