Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meet My Boyfriend :)

I finally got a EF 50mm/F 1.8 lens for myself from Best Buy so I went picture happy and took some test shots of my boyfriend.

He said it was okay for me to post his pictures on my blog, so yay!

Here he is :) Sorry for such an uber close up. Was just testing out my camera. Should've stayed a bit further back

 photo IMG_6339watermark_zps1bebce42.jpg

 photo IMG_6338watermark_zpsdae864ce.jpg

 photo IMG_6340watermark2_zps414f36df.jpg

You can't see it too well but he's got lovely blue eyes :D

Okay I'll upload some more test shots of myself and an outfit or whatever in another post after this

See yall later :)

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