Friday, January 3, 2014

My First DSLR: Canon 10D

It's a camera that's pretty much 10 years old, but it's still fully functional and produces great pictures.

Now all I need is a lens lol.

I bought the camera body only since the lens wasn't included, which is a shame, but assuming my bf's friend is gonna lend me his lens that he used to use for his Canon 10D, I should be set, but one day I'd rather own a lens by myself so that I don't have to have the responsibility of taking care of someone's precious belonging. I mean I'm grateful he's going to lend it to me, but I'm scared out of my wits I'll somehow scratch it or whatever.

So far I'm looking at the Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II lens since that seems to be the most basic and cheapest lens to start with.

This camera is tricky to find lenses that are compatible it seems. It holds only EF lenses rather than EF-S lenses which are the newer lenses for DSLR's. Had I known I probably would've gone with the Canon 20D instead, but its okay, what's done is done. I'm trying to google up lenses that are compatible but for some reason EF-S lenses show up rather than EF's so I don't know quite what to do.

But anyway, here's my new baby:

 photo FirstDSLR_zps7793416b.jpg

Good authorized seller on ebay too. It's basically a camera and TV store reselling things on ebay, so it's an actual physical standing store rather than someone sketchy, so that for the most part guaranteed me a good functioning product that's in good shape.

I'm waiting for the batteries to finish charging before I start playing with it. Of course I can't test taking pictures yet because I don't have the lens but I want to see what the screen interface looks like to get used to things. I still need to buy a memory card though! The one it came with only has 256MB which is pretty sad xD I don't think that'll be able to hold barely any pictures! But I'm glad they gave me something to work with. I'm curious to see if that memory card is filled with the previous user's pictures or whether it's empty.

Anyhoodle, just wanted to share with yall the happy news of my "new" yet old camera. I've always been a Canon girl. I like the interface of the screen. It's easy to navigate.

Mk, see yall later~

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