Monday, January 13, 2014

My Slightly Unfortunate Experience With ChicWish. EDIT: UPDATED Info with ChicWish

Bottom line, they took ONE MONTH to ONLY PROCESS my order, not even ship it out. They say this is out of their control due to bad snow storm whether here in the US, but that has NOTHING to do with processing the order.

I'm not blaming them for shipping slow. I'm blaming them for processing the order so slow and not even communicating with me that they would take that long to process orders. Processing orders has nothing to do with shipping!

I ordered an adorable mini backpack and have been excited to get it, and still excited to get it, but this long wait has put a damper on my mood.

I emailed ChicWish about this and all the said again was that this is out of their control now that it has been shipped. I wanted them to recognize instead, not about the slow shipping, but the slow processing which IS in their control.

To be honest, I'm not even sure what I'm trying to accomplish with emailing them my unhappiness of such slow processing. I guess I just hope they use this experience to communicate with their future customers that processing takes one month alone, not including shipping time.

Do you guys think I'm overreacting? I don't know.

For the most part, I think I won't be purchasing from ChicWish again =/

Thanks for reading and listening,

See yall later

Received my package and the zippers don't work.

Emailed ChicWish telling them I'm a fashion and beauty blogger and youtuber and said if they don't fix this problem I will leave a bad review. I think after telling them I blog and youtube, they finally took me seriously and decided to send me another mini backpack that will be in working condition.

It's great that they are rectifying this problem, but I can't help but feel that they probably only took me seriously because I was going to make a youtube video on a bad review of them if they didn't help me.

I originally emailed them before and with my last email they never responded to my concerns. That upset me and that's when I warned them I'm a blogger and youtuber so now they feel threatened. Isn't that sad that they IGNORED me when I was a "regular customer" and then all of a sudden went out of their way to send me a new mini backpack because of their new found knowledge that I'm a blogger and youtuber?

I was going to leave a very good review of them for rectifying the situation, but I need to be transparent and honest in any and all my reviews and tell everyone what REALLY happened.

Despite ChicWish's efforts to rectify the situation, I still don't think I would be purchasing them again =/

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