Friday, January 10, 2014

PURCHASED: ravenevejewelry. An Etsy Armour Ring

So I was on a hunt for an armour ring that wasn't ridiculous or over the top. I've seen too many that have a "claw" point at the end and some that look like full armour. I just wanted a simple one, so I chose this one from Etsy. It looks great, however I haven't worn it out that much. It was expensive at $20 including shipping. It's $16 + $4 shipping. I got this about 2 months ago.

I slightly regret getting it, not because it's some bad product. No. It's great and good quality. Nothing wrong with it. But I feel like $20 is a lot of money for a fashion ring that I don't wear often. But hopefully I'll find ways to incorporate it into my outfits.

Link to buy this ring: CLICK HERE

 photo IMG_6410watermark_zps5c1c5b78.jpg

 photo IMG_6409watermark_zps888f390b.jpg

 photo IMG_6413watermark_zps888f390b.jpg

It's pretty isn't it? It's customized to fit your ring size. You're supposed to wear this ring on your fourth or index finger. I'm a size 5 and it fits very well on both those fingers on both hands.

One thing though, is that I'm scared of breaking the ring because the part that goes around your finger is made out of elastic and beads rather than straight up metal. Sure that's what provides a great fit, but it's so prone to breaking in my opinion, so when wearing this I've got to be careful. Maybe it isn't as fragile as I think but I'd like to be careful so I don't break it and waste $20

How would you wear this armour ring? With what other rings and/or bracelets or necklaces etc would you wear it with? I need ideas! Silver with silver? Would silver and gold clash too much?

See yall later :)

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