Friday, January 10, 2014

Running Errands

Some random pictures while I was out and about in my town. Mainly I was just playing with my new camera lol

 photo IMG_6364watermark_zps6c22200d.jpg
This little guy is a cat holding a sausage link. It's like 10 years old from some Asian gift shop similar to Sanrio except they carry a wide variety of stuff non-Sanrio

 photo IMG_6362watermark_zpsf47fb8d2.jpg
My amazing 2010 Scion tC. I love it to pieces. My first car and it has treated me very well. I sure hope I'm doing a good job taking care of it in return

 photo IMG_6363watermark_zpsfddf1b3e.jpg
That's a lot of mileage for 3 years of driving x.x Commuting to the university for 2 years really added miles

 photo IMG_6361watermark_zpsda2aed38.jpg
Handy buttons to change the radio station or CD/iPod song and adjust volume

 photo IMG_6367watermark_zps375b4876.jpg

 photo IMG_6365watermark_zpsaa4fe825.jpg

 photo IMG_6368watermark_zps014d60de.jpg

 photo IMG_6369watermark_zps89ac5a0d.jpg

That's my day! Not today though. These pictures were from about a few days ago lol

How's your day? :)

See yall later~

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new camera! Must be so exciting because I know you've been wanting it for so long!!


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