Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Testing Out My Canon 10D On Myself with Etsy Tartan Skirt

So here's some pictures of myself and a fun spring outfit even though it's freakin cold outside.

I got the Tartan skirt off of etsy. I love how it's like circa 60s or something vintage since its a long skirt on me that's plaid. I paired it with my crop top since I wanted to make use of my crop top since I hardly ever wear it. After looking back at my "what i'd pair with my crop top" blogpost, I cringe at it, seeing that what I paired with it looked pretty damn awful. I'm considering taking it down or putting it on private so no more people can see it.

But I am satisfied with this pairing since its a showy top paired with a modest skirt, so things even out. I will never understand how people wear crop tops with shorts and make it look non-trashy. Maybe my body just doesn't work well with crop tops =/

 photo IMG_6473watermark_zpse922da42.jpg

 photo IMG_6463watermark_zpsf52e2c2e.jpg

 photo IMG_6462watermark_zps853c962b.jpg

 photo IMG_6343watermark_zpse4e2df58.jpg

 photo IMG_6428watermark_zps7336d4c7.jpg

 photo IMG_6378watermark_zpsd87a9782.jpg

You can probably see through my foundation that I have pretty blotchy bumpy skin. I guess yall couldn't really see it before due to my point and shoot camera, but with this DSLR it seems to capture every detail. But it's okay. Hopefully with a bit of effort I'll obtain good skin again sometime this year.

See yall later~


nlngstar said...

wow, i like how the skirt flows. You are so tall, well at least taller that I. Haha...

IchigoBunnie said...

Actually I'm only 5'1! Haha. Im short. It's the mirror that's positioned at an angle that's making me look taller than I really am


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