Monday, January 20, 2014

Trip to Atlanta, Georgia January 11th and 12th 2014

So it was time to visit Atlanta, Georgia to see my bf's mother for the first time. I was nervous but the mother is a total sweetheart and made everything easy. She converses very well and doesn't ever make things awkward. Very nice woman.

Here are just some random pictures from the trip. There were more pictures of people but for the sake of privacy I won't be putting them on here.

 photo IMG_6504watermark_zps31a4b903.jpg

 photo IMG_6505edit_zps2e5f9d87.jpg
Forgot to watermark this picture D: but my bf is in his glasses so he looks slightly different than the pictures I posted in my "Meet My Boyfriend" post. He's long overdue for a haircut lol

 photo IMG_6506watermark_zpsbe008e8f.jpg
Pretty early morning sky

 photo IMG_6507watermark_zps02b05f28.jpg
Only 15 minutes out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

 photo IMG_6512watermark_zpse25480b8.jpg
Me at a food/bar place in Atlantic Station, Atlanta, Georgia. Picture taken by my bf's friend

 photo IMG_6520watermark_zps8b899dd8.jpg
It was at least tasty enough to drink. Couldn't taste the alcohol much which is good for me. I hate the taste of alcohol. I regret drinking though since I knew it would mix with my medication and make me sleepy so thanks to me the group had to call it a night because I was toppling over sleepy :( I felt bad about that but thankfully the bf's friend understood. He too gets sleepy when he drinks. The rest of the group didn't really care much about my sleepiness I guess but that one friend did. Very nice of him to look out for me.

Alright I will be posting another random post soon and then yet another one just because I took a number of pictures since I love taking pictures with my new camera xD Hope yall don't mind the influx of pictures and posts!

See yall later :)

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