Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuscaloosa January Snow day and Me

Just a random post with pictures of snow on January 28, 2014 and then pictures of myself.

It hardly snows here so yall Northerners and Canadians will laugh at this tiny amount of snowfall in the pictures lol

 photo IMG_6543watermark_zpse8eb70ad.jpg
My car "covered" in snow. I say that with quotations since like I said I know yall Northerners would laugh at this pitiful snowfall

 photo IMG_6542watermark_zps46ca1a0e.jpg
Footsteps in the snow! Looks kinda cool

 photo IMG_6538watermark_zps2c406dde.jpg
The apartments in front of my apartment

 photo IMG_6544watermark_zps23dc78af.jpg
The back of my apartment

 photo IMG_6566watermark_zps82d766fd.jpg
The lipstick here is shown brighter than what it really is. This isn't true to color. I used Maybelline Color Whispers in Rose of Attraction. It's a wonderful everyday color

 photo IMG_6564watermark_zpsab1eb903.jpg

 photo IMG_6563watermark_zpsedc5cf15.jpg

 photo IMG_6560watermark_zps48056a21.jpg
Eh this is too close but whatever lol

Sorry I haven't updated my blog. I've been busy at work and doing some face painting and balloons on the side.

Follow me on instagram if you haven't already. I update that more than my blog.

instagram: www.instagram.com/gracie621

See yall later!

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