Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outfit of the Day OOTD April 18, 2014 Tuesday

So this is what I wore out to Panera Bread, sporting my new Merona Meredith wedge heels I got from Target.

These pictures aren't super "art-y" like pictures you'd find on other blogs or on loobook.nu but it's because my boyfriend took these pictures haha. He isn't into photography and doesn't completely know how to take pictures so he doesn't know the good angles and what not. I had to give brief directions on what to do for these pictures.

But it's okay. At least I have someone to take pictures for me now, even though I won't be in this location for that long since I'll be heading out to California for my internship during the summer.

So I took these pictures at my apartment, quite literally right in front of my door lol. Wasn't able to go on campus to take more beautiful scenery shots cause school is still in session during the weekdays so I didn't want to feel awkward by taking pictures of myself in front of others. I'm too self conscious for that :(

Anyhoodle here are some pictures! My outfit isn't anything spectacular but I thought it looked cute.

 photo IMG_6705watermark_zpsbe361927.jpg  photo IMG_6707watermark_zpsab76c1bb.jpg  photo IMG_6717watermark_zps85360028.jpg  photo IMG_6718watermark_zpsb41c0ca1.jpg

 photo IMG_6720watermark_zpsef41afa0.jpg

 photo IMG_6710watermark_zps72e766a9.jpg

Shoes from Target as mentioned in my beginning paragraph. The socks are from Target as well. Cheap. It was like $3?

 photo IMG_6711watermark_zpsb42c7900.jpg
Close up of my earrings that I got long time ago from Urban Outfitters

 photo IMG_6693watermark_zps0978e0d6.jpg
In the picture above, those are my real lashes, using Maybelline One by One WATERPROOF (MUST be waterproof to hold the curl) mascara. The other photos I'm wearing falsies though.

Mk see yall in my next post!


ellie said...

Hi Grace! You have long lashes! I need me some of that mascara lol.

Can't see the other images- looks like they were moved lol.

Have a great week ahead!

IchigoBunnie said...

Ellie: thanks for letting me know! I fixed the pictures :) You have a great weekend too! :)


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