Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Time Tuscaloosa 2014

Went outside last week to take these nature shots before the storm hit and destroyed all the flowers off the tree. Glad I got the shots before they were all gone!

 photo IMG_6590watermark_zps3dc34f4b.jpg

 photo IMG_6595watermark_zps575265d7.jpg
A dandelion! :3

 photo IMG_6596watermark_zps5bc0c970.jpg

Then today I dressed up because I was in a spring mood so I went ahead and took some pictures while I was at it.

 photo IMG_6627watermark_zpsfceb0e5f.jpg

 photo IMG_6641watermark_zps32ba4fd2.jpg

 photo IMG_6623watermark_zps8ba0b1ba.jpg

 photo IMG_6617watermark_zpsbd437b38.jpg

 photo IMG_6635watermark_zps09c27b9c.jpg
Just a standard shot of my dress so yall can see how it looks

I'll be posting another blogpost on my new heels I got from H&M right after this one.

See yall soon!

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Natalie said...

Aw hey, you take great pictures too! Glad you're enjoying your camera. How have you been? I'm so glad it's Spring now. Winter was killing me towards the end!


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