Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Target Merona Meredith Wedge Heels in Tan

So I went to Target to buy some groceries and...well.....wandered off into the shoe section hehehe....xD

I've seen these shoes quite frequently actually in the blogger world and most people, if not all, have said these are very comfortable to wear all day. I guess I'll have to see? I've worn them out once today to Panera Bread and they've been fine, but that's not saying much because I was sitting down eating most of the time.

I'll update yall on an actual review I suppose of the comfort of these shoes later on.

For now, enjoy the pictures:

 photo IMG_6701watermark_zpsfb92fbdb.jpg

 photo IMG_6700watermark_zps47032bfb.jpg

 photo IMG_6699watermark_zps057120e0.jpg

Don't they look perfect for summer?

They come in Tan, Navy, and Black.

Cost: $29.99 (not on sale)

So far I really like them! Casual and understated but still chic, in my opinion anyway. Some people out there may think these shoes look kinda bland or ugly, but its okay. I like them :)

See yall in my next post that I'll post up real soon.

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