Wednesday, May 14, 2014

PURCHASED: Taylor Swift Keds Shoes

I went to Nordstrom Rack AGAIN and found these cute pair of shoes! They're the Taylor Swift design of Keds sneakers and on sale from $55 down to $30. Sweet! Only pair in my size. That's always the best. You know it's your calling when there's a cute pair of shoes that's only left for you =P oh, AND on sale on top of that!

So yea here are the pictures of the sneakers. Pretty cute aren't they? I've always wanted red shoes to make a statement. I feel I can wear these out casually with some shorts and a simple shirt and this will make the outfit pop a little.

Without further adieu, here are the pictures:

 photo IMG_7459_zpsf5419e25.jpg

 photo IMG_7458_zps9928b867.jpg

 photo IMG_7460_zps231b6739.jpg

 photo IMG_7462_zps5edc7bd7.jpg

See yall later!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Nordstrom Rack Mini Haul

I did a mini haul today, but it came out to be $173.xx :( OUCH

As everyone knows, I'm kind of a cheapo, but lately I've been trying to get higher quality items at a decent price and get less in quantity. I used to buy cheap things because it was $5 and I thought OH SALEEE. But now I'm more careful of what I pick. I want to buy things I know I'll wear and are of good quality.

So here's what I got:

  1. Love Ady Dress (It LOOKS like a shirt in the picture but it actually hits just above the knees)
    • Was $78, bought it for $39.97
  2. Citizens of Humanity Skinny Jeans in the style Racer
    • Was $198, bought it for $69.97
  3. Theory Blue Thin Striped Button Down
    • Was $225, bought it for $29.93
  4. Armani Exchange Sunglasses
    • Original price unknown, bought it for $24.97

The list is in the order of the pictures so you are able to refer to the numbers in the comments section if you'd like.

So here are the pictures of my haul!

 photo IMG_7429_zps3ae59baa.jpg
It looks much better on the body than on the hanger. I wear this with a belt around my waist to give my body some definition so that my waist doesn't get lost in the bagginess.

 photo IMG_7431_zps1b02d7ce.jpg
My first pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans. My first nice pair of jeans were from Hudson Jeans but I no longer fit them because I gained weight T__T!!! But I will one day fit into them again once I drop 10lbs! Anyway, these jeans are uber comfy and soft on the skin. I like!

 photo IMG_7432_zpseaa35067.jpg

 photo IMG_7433_zpsf62d9d39.jpg
My first Theory item. I didn't realize Theory is so expensive! Glad I got it for literally like 12% of the original cost! Sweet!

 photo IMG_7434_zpsef9db6a2.jpg
Simple and clean.

 photo IMG_7437_zps83199d34.jpg
I didn't NEED new sunglasses but the ones I have from Marc Jacobs is somewhat dying on me. The part where you put it on your ear is starting to go at an angle when folded and either my face got fatter or the ear part got smaller, but it's now a little tighter on my face than before. These Armani Exchange ones fit my face better. Although they aren't really stylish, I was looking for small frames rather than the ones that cover half of your face like ski goggles.

 photo IMG_7438_zps4ee51866.jpg

That's all folks! I already wore out the plaid dress as soon as I got home and changed to get lunch. I got a compliment from the cashier of how pretty it looks. I know, I know, it doesn't look anything spectacular like I said on the hanger, but on the body it looks pretty nice! I'll have to have my picture taken with me wearing it sometime.

Mk, see yall later~

REVIEW: The Grove Do-Nutz and Deli in Richmond, TX

So I stopped by this wonderful donut shop called The Grove Do-Nutz and Deli. It's located in Richmond, TX, about 20 minutes away from Katy, heading towards Sugarland.

I heard MANY good things about this place from my cousin and reviews. So what did I have to do while I am back in Houston for a few weeks? Stop by this place of course.

Disclaimer: I am not affliated with The Grove Do-Nutz and Deli nor am I advertising for them. This is my personal experience and opinion of them.

So first impression is that it's clean and small. But not too small. Second thing I noticed was their huge menu board and endless possibilities for Gourmet Do-Nutz. Third thing I noticed was how nice and respectful the store owner is to everyone. Basically this place has awesome donuts with awesome service.

Now to pictures!

 photo IMG_7394watermark_zpsa569585b.jpg
This is the Rocky Road donut. It's chocolately with caramel, almonds, and marshmallows. Definitely Rocky Road! First bite was heavenly

 photo IMG_7404watermark_zps868e86bd.jpg
This is the Creme Brulee. This has a cream filling and a sugar glaze that's torched with a bit of fire (like how creme brulee's are done). I am extremely impressed by this complimentary donut given to me.

 photo IMG_7403watermark_zps82de046e.jpg
There's my new camera purse with the Rocky Road in front of it. I will review the camera purse as soon as I get good pictures :)

 photo IMG_7401watermark_zps86a00259.jpg
Here's some premade donuts available. Looks like they're mainly cereal with icing.

 photo IMG_7399watermark_zps2782831e.jpg
The menu!

 photo IMG_7393watermark_zpscaa30fd4.jpg
The list of Gourmet Do-Nutz. Lots to choose from!
 photo IMG_7408watermark_zpsb70c482b.jpg
Here's what the exterior looks like. Very clean

So all in all, what would I rate this place? So far 5/5. I had a pleasant experience and what I ordered and was given to me was delicious and presentation of the donuts was great. I have yet to try their Cha-Mango which is really good, according to my cousin who had it. I need to go back before I leave Houston again! Houston definitely has delicious food choices. The possibilities are endless. Too bad Tuscaloosa doesn't have this wide of a variety :( But it's okay. I think moving was worth it to be with my boyfriend. More than worth it. Food is great but the variety isn't as important as my boyfriend =P

Do stop by The Grove Do-Nutz and Deli!

Address: 815 Plantation Dr, Richmond, TX 77406
Phone:(281) 232-6406

See yall later~

Sweetwater in Sugarland, Texas

Went to the subdivision Sweetwater to take some pictures by this one house that has arches with flowers and greenery. It originally seemed to be for the public, as there was once a park after the gate at the end of the arches, but then they tore down the fountain and walking area so I don't know if this is now private property that I trespassed. Ooops. Oh well.

This is my one of many attempts and future attempts at photography. Please bare with me.

Here are the photos:

 photo IMG_7412watermark_zps11f3d1f1.jpg

 photo IMG_7414watermark_zps4094a1ba.jpg

 photo IMG_7415watermark_zpsda0dba8e.jpg

 photo IMG_7418watermark_zpsf44d1933.jpg

 photo IMG_7421watermark_zpsb593b05c.jpg

 photo IMG_7422watermark_zpsdd44e787.jpg

 photo IMG_7423watermark_zpse1a62ebe.jpg

Thank you for stopping by!

See yall later~

OOTD/Outfit Of The Day in Brenham, TX

So I went to see and take pictures with bluebonnets.....but there weren't any bluebonnets! I'm late one month in being able to see them. Darn.

I had my mom take these pictures for me. She took around 500 pictures but I selected these photos to be the best of the bunch. Yes they are "noob" photography photos but it's okay. I gotta start somewhere. I haven't gotten the hang of adjusting the lighting correctly on the camera settings so forgive me for some darker photos. I tried lightening them in photoshop but there's only so much you can do in photoshop.

BTW for those of you who don't know, there is a free Adobe Photoshop CS2 available on their official website. That's where I got my free legitimate copy of photoshop. They provide you with the product key.

You MUST register an account with them in order to download from their website. So do that first once you CLICK HERE for the link to the download website. Scroll down and you'll see "Photoshop" at the very bottom of the chart/list.

Happy Photoshopping!

Anyway onward to pictures :)

Here they are!

 photo IMG7350edit2_zpsc25ddd68.jpg

 photo IMG_7361_zps262ebd1e.jpg

 photo IMG_7320_zpsbc7c4f9a.jpg

 photo IMG_7312_zpsc10d6032.jpg

 photo IMG_7311_zps48f3f8b1.jpg

 photo IMG_7303_zpse70a19e7.jpg

 photo IMG_7262_zpse4765f4a.jpg

 photo IMG_7251_zps0fe85d38.jpg

 photo IMG_7220_zps41c80dae.jpg

 photo IMG_7100_zpsb7178f13.jpg

 photo IMG_7086_zpsb06dc149.jpg

 photo IMG_7079_zpsc34e14c3.jpg

 photo IMG_7040_zps91c5a74d.jpg

 photo IMG_7039_zps2fa45600.jpg

 photo IMG_7023_zpse287e288.jpg


Blouse: H&M
Belt: Mom's closet
Skirt: Prada (given to me by my sister)
Petticoat: eBay
Shoes: ZARA

I'm told by my cousin that I look southern in these pictures because of my petticoat, and then my boyfriend said I look southern not just because of the petticoat, but also due to the background and it's in a hill billy place. Oh well lol. At least the pictures turned out nice.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look. I appreciate it!

See yall later~


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