Friday, May 2, 2014

Nordstrom Rack Mini Haul

I did a mini haul today, but it came out to be $173.xx :( OUCH

As everyone knows, I'm kind of a cheapo, but lately I've been trying to get higher quality items at a decent price and get less in quantity. I used to buy cheap things because it was $5 and I thought OH SALEEE. But now I'm more careful of what I pick. I want to buy things I know I'll wear and are of good quality.

So here's what I got:

  1. Love Ady Dress (It LOOKS like a shirt in the picture but it actually hits just above the knees)
    • Was $78, bought it for $39.97
  2. Citizens of Humanity Skinny Jeans in the style Racer
    • Was $198, bought it for $69.97
  3. Theory Blue Thin Striped Button Down
    • Was $225, bought it for $29.93
  4. Armani Exchange Sunglasses
    • Original price unknown, bought it for $24.97

The list is in the order of the pictures so you are able to refer to the numbers in the comments section if you'd like.

So here are the pictures of my haul!

 photo IMG_7429_zps3ae59baa.jpg
It looks much better on the body than on the hanger. I wear this with a belt around my waist to give my body some definition so that my waist doesn't get lost in the bagginess.

 photo IMG_7431_zps1b02d7ce.jpg
My first pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans. My first nice pair of jeans were from Hudson Jeans but I no longer fit them because I gained weight T__T!!! But I will one day fit into them again once I drop 10lbs! Anyway, these jeans are uber comfy and soft on the skin. I like!

 photo IMG_7432_zpseaa35067.jpg

 photo IMG_7433_zpsf62d9d39.jpg
My first Theory item. I didn't realize Theory is so expensive! Glad I got it for literally like 12% of the original cost! Sweet!

 photo IMG_7434_zpsef9db6a2.jpg
Simple and clean.

 photo IMG_7437_zps83199d34.jpg
I didn't NEED new sunglasses but the ones I have from Marc Jacobs is somewhat dying on me. The part where you put it on your ear is starting to go at an angle when folded and either my face got fatter or the ear part got smaller, but it's now a little tighter on my face than before. These Armani Exchange ones fit my face better. Although they aren't really stylish, I was looking for small frames rather than the ones that cover half of your face like ski goggles.

 photo IMG_7438_zps4ee51866.jpg

That's all folks! I already wore out the plaid dress as soon as I got home and changed to get lunch. I got a compliment from the cashier of how pretty it looks. I know, I know, it doesn't look anything spectacular like I said on the hanger, but on the body it looks pretty nice! I'll have to have my picture taken with me wearing it sometime.

Mk, see yall later~


Natalie said...

Nice haul! Citizens of Humanity and Hudson Jeans... one day I'll get myself an expensive pair of jeans but that won't be a few years down the road. The pair you got look really nice though!

Natalie said...

You know what? The CS2 won't install on my mac, oh well. I'll just stick with iPhoto, it does the job quick and easy anyway =)

Dang girl you're moving around a lot! I'm still in the same place for the last 14 years LOL


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