Friday, May 2, 2014

REVIEW: The Grove Do-Nutz and Deli in Richmond, TX

So I stopped by this wonderful donut shop called The Grove Do-Nutz and Deli. It's located in Richmond, TX, about 20 minutes away from Katy, heading towards Sugarland.

I heard MANY good things about this place from my cousin and reviews. So what did I have to do while I am back in Houston for a few weeks? Stop by this place of course.

Disclaimer: I am not affliated with The Grove Do-Nutz and Deli nor am I advertising for them. This is my personal experience and opinion of them.

So first impression is that it's clean and small. But not too small. Second thing I noticed was their huge menu board and endless possibilities for Gourmet Do-Nutz. Third thing I noticed was how nice and respectful the store owner is to everyone. Basically this place has awesome donuts with awesome service.

Now to pictures!

 photo IMG_7394watermark_zpsa569585b.jpg
This is the Rocky Road donut. It's chocolately with caramel, almonds, and marshmallows. Definitely Rocky Road! First bite was heavenly

 photo IMG_7404watermark_zps868e86bd.jpg
This is the Creme Brulee. This has a cream filling and a sugar glaze that's torched with a bit of fire (like how creme brulee's are done). I am extremely impressed by this complimentary donut given to me.

 photo IMG_7403watermark_zps82de046e.jpg
There's my new camera purse with the Rocky Road in front of it. I will review the camera purse as soon as I get good pictures :)

 photo IMG_7401watermark_zps86a00259.jpg
Here's some premade donuts available. Looks like they're mainly cereal with icing.

 photo IMG_7399watermark_zps2782831e.jpg
The menu!

 photo IMG_7393watermark_zpscaa30fd4.jpg
The list of Gourmet Do-Nutz. Lots to choose from!
 photo IMG_7408watermark_zpsb70c482b.jpg
Here's what the exterior looks like. Very clean

So all in all, what would I rate this place? So far 5/5. I had a pleasant experience and what I ordered and was given to me was delicious and presentation of the donuts was great. I have yet to try their Cha-Mango which is really good, according to my cousin who had it. I need to go back before I leave Houston again! Houston definitely has delicious food choices. The possibilities are endless. Too bad Tuscaloosa doesn't have this wide of a variety :( But it's okay. I think moving was worth it to be with my boyfriend. More than worth it. Food is great but the variety isn't as important as my boyfriend =P

Do stop by The Grove Do-Nutz and Deli!

Address: 815 Plantation Dr, Richmond, TX 77406
Phone:(281) 232-6406

See yall later~

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