Friday, May 2, 2014

Sweetwater in Sugarland, Texas

Went to the subdivision Sweetwater to take some pictures by this one house that has arches with flowers and greenery. It originally seemed to be for the public, as there was once a park after the gate at the end of the arches, but then they tore down the fountain and walking area so I don't know if this is now private property that I trespassed. Ooops. Oh well.

This is my one of many attempts and future attempts at photography. Please bare with me.

Here are the photos:

 photo IMG_7412watermark_zps11f3d1f1.jpg

 photo IMG_7414watermark_zps4094a1ba.jpg

 photo IMG_7415watermark_zpsda0dba8e.jpg

 photo IMG_7418watermark_zpsf44d1933.jpg

 photo IMG_7421watermark_zpsb593b05c.jpg

 photo IMG_7422watermark_zpsdd44e787.jpg

 photo IMG_7423watermark_zpse1a62ebe.jpg

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See yall later~

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