Saturday, August 16, 2014

FINALLY HERE: Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set

So I Spent around $90-something USD on these Zoeva brushes. They're supposed to be $70 or $78 USD but after paying for shipping and I believe VAT, They ended up being $90-something :(

Expensive, but for 8 brushes that equals out to around $11-12 a brush which in retrospect isn't that expensive.

So first impression is that they are smaller than I thought. They appear more like travel brushes than full brushes. I was kind of hoping for a super fluffy powder brush but instead received something that is full, but not fluffy, and is travel sized.

I'm not necessarily complaining. It has its good and bad to why it's travel sized, but I got what I got and that's all there is to it.

Something else I noticed was how soft the brushes were. I don't have any "nice" professional brushes other than my MAC 217. Yes, one mid-range brush. Zoeva brushes will be my first nice, but affordable range of brushes I've gotten in my life. The quality from what I can tell is great and at a decent price when looked at it individually.

I have yet to actually use the brushes to apply makeup so this isn't a review. More of a show and tell blogpost about these brushes.

So far I've been "telling", so now I shall "show" what these brushes are like!

 photo IMG_8145_zps01940991.jpg

 photo IMG_8147_zps28c7cd03.jpg

 photo IMG_8148_zpsd515d0a8.jpg

 photo IMG_8151_zps47a66289.jpg

 photo IMG_8152_zps6a113852.jpg

I'm pretty excited to use them! I just got them in today.

Now I just gotta wait a week or two more to receive my other beauty products! It's taking so long because they're shipping from Asia. Cheap price but man takes forever.

By the way, CLICK HERE if you want to purchase the brushes yourself! No, this is not a sponsored or affiliated link. I'm just simply wanting to share with you where I bought it myself.
Mk I'll be using these brushes soon and I'll report back to yall whether they're good or not. The only thing I cannot review is the eyeliner brush because I don't have potted gel eyeliner to use. I only use pencil and liquid eyeliner.

Alright see y'all later!

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