Monday, September 29, 2014

My New Cooking Blog!

Hi y'all!

So basically I started a cooking blog where I test out recipes I find, because all of you know that a lot of recipes you find online or on Pinterest just don't turn out the way you wanted and the way the author promised and pictured in photos.

In other words, I will be your guinea pig in these recipes that I follow or modify to my liking. I am an extremely picky eater and I need food that's also boyfriend approved, so please follow me in my journey in testing out different foods!

The cooking blog is geared towards someone who is on a budget like I am, want something tasty, needs to be boyfriend approved, but is also healthy, with some indulgences in moderation to keep your sanity. 

Here is my blog. You can click the link and it'll direct you there:

Please follow!

Since I cook regularly, that blog will be more updated than this beauty blog. I anticipate making some youtube videos to add to the blog post so that the people who prefer a video can watch, and the people who want to read can read and look at pictures.

Thank y'all for the support and happy cooking!


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Thanks for Visiting!