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Monday, January 14, 2013

Michael Kors Heels Returned

So I bought these Michael Kors heels from Ross on sale for $55.99 instead of paying the already discounted price of $80, but these were too uncomfortable to wear once I tried them on at home so I had to return them. Plus I wouldn't know where to wear these since I don't go out much. But I took pictures and thought to share with y'all them.



What a shame right? They were pretty nice looking. It's okay though. I have way too many shoes that I don't even use. One pair of boots I have I haven't even used yet because when I bought it online, it looked nice, but once I got it in person it looked kinda much and gaudy. Maybe its just me. Maybe it actually does look good. Who knows. It's a Liz Lisa pair of thigh high boots. I'll post it sometime later

Anyway, I'll see yall later

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Resolution Simplified

I figured that having too many new years resolutions will set me up for failure. So I think I'll stick to a few.

  1. Get a job
  2. Move out into an apartment
  3. Exercise nearly every day (and in turn lose the 9lbs that I gained)
  4. Drink at least two bottles of water each day
  5. Control my anger. Step away for 20 minutes to cool off
Yup, that'll do my list for this year. So far I am so close to getting #1 done. I mean, I already have a "job" but its a side job rather than a 20hr or 40hr job that I would need. 

And I just started exercising today. Boy did it make me light headed. I'm so weak right now it's ridiculous. But hopefully with an almost everyday routine at the gym, I'll get into better shape and health. It was crazy hard this morning to get out of bed and to the gym. I kept lying in bed delaying until my mom finally told me to go to the gym. This laziness has got to stop.

I don't know if I can achieve #2 this year though. It's a long stretch to be making that a goal but I might be able to do it. Getting an apartment is something I really need to do. I need to get out of this house and be independent. Trust me, it isn't one of those teenager phases of needing to get out of the house. I think if you're Asian, saying that alone can probably make one understand why I need to get out of the house. I know where I want to move, but I don't know how I'm gonna do it. And then probably a year and a half from now I'll be moving to another state to be with my bf. That's the plan anyway at least.

What are yall's new years resolutions?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Ramblings

Hey yall

Just been busy with school and also haven't been in the mood to blog unfortunately. Honestly though, I do have time, it's just I end up feeling guilty if I blog instead of study. Like, I start to think, "k I shouldn't be doing this. I should be reading or reworking some of those problems." So then that leads me to feeling guilty right now even typing this lol

Beauty Related Updates:

I bought Naruko products because I watched Fuzkittie's youtube video on it and decided to try it out--and I was completely excited to know that their products don't contain sulfur, a huge plus in my book. So far so good actually! I'm liking the products a lot. The smell is amazing. Of course I've only had it for merely 2 weeks but my skin definitely has not been breaking out from it so I'll continue to use it and see where it leads me :)

Also, I have purchase the Storm palette from SleekMakeup. Now let me tell you this, SleekMakeup's shipping is FUCKING SLOW. I understand they're from the UK, but the Naruko products came within just one week (using the same UK postal service), and I ordered from a UK-located store. Also, their products come...slightly used? Like, the eyeshadows seemed fine to me, but the mirror looked as if there were mascara and eyeliner marks. I demanded a replacement and they sent me one right away, which is nice and good, but the next one came in with the mirror "windex-ed" if you know what I mean. I see the streaks on the mirror so I know somehow it was used and they were wiping away things. I don't know what's going on but, I do like the product in itself--very pigmented--but the way they handle their company as well as the cleanliness of their products SUCKS. If you have a UK friend, try getting asking them to buy it and send it to you rather than buying from the company directly.

Last year I bought an Epilator after that post I had asking what is the best way to remove hair. I love this contraption lol. K I feel like I'm just doing short reviews--I probably should do more in depth ones xD But anyway, I like it a lot, but it's not perfect. Bought the Emagin Emjoi from Amazon.

So really, I've been purchasing quite a lot lol. I haven't listed everything xD I also bought a lot of on-sale clothes, like $5 shorts and $10 shirt, etc, and SHOESSSS haha (don't worry yall I do have my own job to pay for this lol)

I Do Not Like PrettyandCute:

I'd like to have a bitching moment here about PrettyandCute, that site that has been promoted a lot. Quite a while ago, I believe last year, I contacted PrettyandCute for samples of the Lioele Water Drop BB cream because Eki kindly suggested to me to ask them for samples (since my skin is so sensitive I want to try it out before buying). PrettyandCute completely ignored my email to them. At least they could have said "no, i'm sorry but we do not have samples for those at the moment" or something. Eki told me PrettyandCute has samples, and Eki was super duper sweet trying to help me out, but alas PrettyandCute never responded to me and ignored my email.

Strike one. So then there were some products that Jen from FrmHeadToToe used that I wanted the ingredients for (because obviously as I have repeated this a million times, I'm heavily allergic to sulfur so I REALLY do not want to spend like $50 on products only to make me sent back to the dermatologist on 10002384927 diff pills and creams). They replied to me saying that it would take too long to type up every ingredient on the box, so they suggest I google it first. Ok, I understand that it is technically a lot to type up, but it is THEIR duty to provide customer service and they dismissed me. I already googled up the products to find the ingredients, so I already did my research, which is exactly why I decided to email them because they are the ones providing the products and I had no other source to get the ingredients. Honestly to me that's lazy service.

So then I emailed Jen, and Jen talked to the representative and then finally PrettyandCute were SOOO apologetic telling me they don't tolerate that kind of lack of customer service so they took a picture of one of the 4 products I asked about by taking the picture with their iPhone and sending me the photo. I was thankful and sent the email back asking them if they can send me the other ingredients. Thank goodness I asked them for the ingredients because it turns out that the product I wanted had sulfur! So after asking them for the other ingredients, they NEVER responded to me again. Poor customer service. They were clearly avoiding me. If it's that simple and easy to take a picture with the iPhone to send me the ingredients, why can't they just post that stuff up on their site so they don't have many emails from people like me who need to have ingredients list sent to them? Why not get it done in one shot and post it on the website? There are many girls like me who are allergic to things and really need to check the ingredients list.

What pissed me off was that it took me contacting Jen, who was completely so sweet in helping me (thank you Jen!!! :) ), for PrettyandCute to do something. They respond to their affliates, but for "little people" like me, my emails were ignored. Pathetic.

Needless to say, PrettyandCute, you do NOT have my business, not now, not ever. You're only exuding an extremely nice appearance through your affiliates to get your customers and when you ignore customers in need like me, you pretty much lost potential profit/income. I really was going to buy a good load from you, but not anymore! --end rant--

On a COMPLETELY totally different, unrelated note, I would like to share with yall this article:

It's an article stating if you aren't married but want to be married, there might be a couple key things "wrong" with you. Now there are some people who were quite offended by what that lady wrote, however in my opinion, I think it's rather spot on and have learned quite a bit from it. I understand the article is written in a satirical/joking manner, but I still felt it provided many good, important points.

That article sure knocked sense into me and I am guilty of probably half of that list xD

Go take a look and lemme know what you think :)

Hope yall have been doing well! ^__^ and thank you to each and every new subscriber. I really do appreciate it! When I originally had 38 followers, I didn't imagine it would grow to 160 and that really touches me that people actually enjoy what I put up on this wittle blog. So thank yall :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's In IchigoBunnie's Purse?

Hey yall :)

I've never done one of these before and I always see bloggerettes showcase their bag, so here it goes! :D

and..really, it's nothing grand lol.

Top Shop (PS1 dupe bag) I didn't get this bag just for the sake of trying to have a high designer brand bag. I wanted the original design for the organization it provides and the leather is sturdy and it looks sophisticated/professional enough, but also pretty so it isn't desk-job-old lady ish. The strap is very convenient when I wanna go shopping and I need 2 hands to shuffle through the clearance section :D


Row 1= Fossil Wallet :: spare keys to mom's car :: spare keys to dad's car :: MY car keys lol
Row 2= iTouch :: beauty bag :: pen :: lotion


And this is what's inside my beauty bag.
~Freebee mini dove body spray (just in case i smell horrid after the gym or somethin lol)
~eye drops
~Korres lip balm
~prescription mosquito bite cream that I put into my empty clinique eye cream pot
~hair band
~Kose oil blot paper

Oh, and what i DIDN'T include are all the piles of trash and receipt that was making my purse its home. lol. :) My purse does NOT look that clean nor perfect. Just thought to spare yall's eyes :)

What's in yall's purse? :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Humor: Retail Therapy

It's true!!!!!! xD

Shop away ladies.

actually that was bad influence lol xD

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Question about Free-bees

Hey people!

I've got a question....

You know those websites that say that they will send you a free sample of lipgloss, or send you a free sample of "whatever it is", by just filling out the information to send to your house?

Have any of yall used that before and received a free item? I remember my family friend's sister got a free IPOD shuffle by filling out one of those surveys, so that's why I was wondering, you know? Since a legitimate person, a family friend who I have known since I was 4, got a free IPOD cuz of filling out a survey--you know they aren't lying about it when they are that close--plus i saw her use it too.

How can you tell the difference between a scam and a legit one? The one that I saw had a FAQ section and one question asked " Where you do get the money to send us these samples?" and the company replied with all their advertisement clickie stuff, they get money through the sponsors and us clicking around so they get enough money generated from there to give out free samples.

That makes sense, since when you think about it, here on blogspot we have that adsense through google where you earn money through people clicking on it, so it's reasonable that the company gets money through that....

I'd love to get free samples and try things out, but I'm just scared if they do something bad with my address and info and stuff...

having said all that, does anybody have anything to say? Have any of you actually tried it? I mean, I know all of us are gonna say "oh i feel that it's a scam", but what I really would love to hear is a person who experienced this first hand, or have a friend/family who experienced this first hand to see that these "offers" are for real or not.

Thanks everybody! :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Camera-Whoring Post

Hey everybody :)

I haven't blogged in a bit cuz I really didn't have anything to blog about, and I STILL dont' really have anything to blog about, but I'm just forcing one because I just felt like blogging and I felt like in a camera-whoring mood since I don't think I've ever really camera-whored much before. (whenever i post a lot of pics of myself, i end up feeling bad cuz i feel like im some attention-bitch, but today I don't feel so bad about it)

I tried on an outfit that I haven't gotten to wear outside yet. I still have to shorten the straps cuz I'm too short for them lol. Aside from that, I still played around with the look. These are pics I took from....yesterday I think...?

Sorry about my hair, I didn't feel like brushing it so it looks sorta messy ^^() I also apologize for my super super super shiny face. My face gets so oily @_@

I'm wearing a brown-faux crocodile(...or..snake?) skin headband and a Charlotte Russe heart-charm necklace and Charlotte Russe white dress that was on the clearance rack for $7! i LOVEEE good deals ^___^........or maybe it's just that im cheap hahhaha--nevertheless i love finding good deals--don't we all? :D hair is getting so long its like down to and slightly past my boobs

I'm just wearing mascara and NYX Lipgloss in Beige (i like how the flash made me look like i have a decent face here when in reality it isn't the case! XD)

...and for some odd reason, the dress makes me feel like I look slightly pregnant due to the Empire waist design of it hahaha--also my mirror is's slightly curved in the middle making objects look wider than it really is, and then if you look at yourself in the mirror on the very far left and/or the very far right, things look skinnier. I shouldn't believe anything a mirror shows me unless it's pin flat straight with no curvature XD

hmmm...what else to talk about....I feel like talking. I had a bad morning/early afternoon, so I feel like talking since it seems to make me feel better--so thats why this is some random post cuz it made me feel better XD. Kept my mind busy and allowed me to have something to do.

umm..... My neutrogena mineral pressed powder is running out...I still have a lot, but Im starting to see the "imprint" of the bottom of the pan.....this is exciting XD I've never used a product like this and have never seen the bottom before. But this leads to having to find another temporary pressed powder and I can't figure what to buy that would match my face. This Neutrogena one is a bit too light (thought it still works out ish) and I'd like to find one more oil-absorbing too. I went to CVS yesterday and took out my neutrogena compact and compared it next to the Maybelline Dream Matte powder in Sand, and sadly, Sand is looking a tad too tanned for my skin. *sigh* I was looking forward to it too. Perhaps I'll buy it anyway later to try it out and return it if it doesn't work or something. I think the problem is that I can't find something without "mineral oil" or "bismuth oxychloride" or "sulfates" in it....I know there are lots of products out there in the drugstore that are good but alas, they have ingredients Im allergic to.

Maybe I should switch over to department store brands? Though more expensive, I'll probably be guaranteed to find my shade...? Iono....AAAAA

suggestions please? ;.; the more affordable the better.

.......Im about to get a debit card when I turn 18....which is coming up soon...but I know I probably won't be able to use it unless it's for emergencies since stuff I would buy would be recorded into the account...

oh please somebody give me a visa gift card again *pokes relatives* >.>....

thanks for whoever read my random camera whoring post XD

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New CAMERA!!! + a Mini Haul :) + Shoes/Sneakers + mini EOTD *PIC HEAVY*


I finally got my Canon SD870 IS Elph from for $260 (including shipping/handeling for 2 day delivery). Pretty expensive but it was paying that, or $300 + tax at the store, so I save practically $50 vs the stores.

I took some pictures of my new camera (using my old camera of course--can't take a pictre of the new camera by using the new camera lol)

and here's my old camera that I am retiring. Thank you dear Canon A520 for taking care of producing pictures for me for the couple of years and happy memories. I am officially retiring you so you can rest while your older sibling Canon870 will do the job for you

and this is the look I wore today when i went out shopping with my boyfriend. Sorry my makeup isn't fresh. This is me after wearing it for practically over 8 hours (in HOT Texas weather!). The vibrancy of the color wore off. And these pictures are taken by my new camera :) Hope you like these pictures better than my old camera! haha and sorry for the low lighting. I'm still playing around with my camera trying to find the best lighting and stuff.

shoot I didn't realize how many lines/wrinkles I've got going around my eyes! I need some eye cream ASAP!!! O___O

I didn't use any mascara since I didn't feel like it today.

I used:
-Amuse Ultra Diamond eyeshadow in Princess and used the lightest pink
-NYX e/s in Rust on the outer corner (used just a tiny bit but you can't see since most of the colors faded)
-Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner Felt Tip
-Loreal HIP Paint in Lofty (as base)

And I think I'm gonna go back tomorrow to get these shoes that my bf picked out for me. They are K-Swiss. At first I thought they were really bulky but actually I think I like them now :) I hope nobody buys my size! BTW these pictures were taken by my old camera so they are a bit fuzzier.

please dont mind my weird face. I was really concentrating on taking the picture XD

Moving on, here's some random pics from the outlet:

I want the Bunnie!!

lol my bf's finger pointing at the pineapple Pooh bear

me excited about my new camera :D

Thank yall for looking! Sorry I didn't post up pics for a while--this post definitely shows why! I've been waiting for my new camera to come in!! and now it finally has. I'm soooooo happy ^___^

OH WAIT I forgot to show you what I got at the Outlet!

2 NYX Doll Eyes Mascara and NYX lipgloss in Beige!

and get this, the lipgloss was the ONLY lipgloss on clearance for $1.95!! I was so lucky that the only lipgloss on clearance was the only color I was wanting to buy--Beige!!

i love the nyx mascara picture there where the girl's lashes look completely different from the supposedly "close up" zoom pic of her lashes. they look nothing alike! but nonetheless, i got the mascara and that's what matters

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Car Recs Please :)

I posted this under the ABB forums, but I'm copying/pasting all that over here on my blog. (honestly, i'm trying to get more responses cuz it's more of a need-to-know thing). by the time fall arrives, i really need to know what car I'm settling on in order to drive to college.

so here's the repost of my forum post:

Hi everybody!

Though I probably won’t get a car of my own any time soon until next year when I start college, I’m doing tons of research at this point to make sure I get something good for the money.

My scenario is having to drive ALOTTTTTTTTT to college since Im not dorming. If any of you are from Houston and have to drive to downtown area, you will know it is a PAIN to get through all that traffic, AND to find parking space.

Having that said, I would need a car whose size is the maximum length/size of like a camry and an accord.

Since we probably can’t afford neither of those cars right now (i’m liking the new Accord 09 sedan, especially the coupe, but alas, no money ;.; )

I just need a car to get me from my house all the way to downtown area, which should be a good 1.5 , maybe on a bad day, a 2 hr drive to college through traffic (without traffic should be like an hour or less! traffic makes all the difference) and I need a compact or midsize car so I can park easier

So for right now, I’ve narrowed down my choice to 2 cars :

1) Toyota Corolla 08/09 whichever year
2) Mitsubishi 2008 Lancer ES CVT

I’m reading tons of consumer reviews and this is what I have found for each car so far:


-awesome mileage
-one of the best reputations in car history for reliability
-around $18k (a/c, LE, etc) so it’s affordable
-slight improvement in appearance as opposed to the more rounder 07/08 model

-doesn’t work well with the freeway cuz it’s lightweight and doesn’t have as good of stability. Shaky on freeweay
-only like a couple thousand dollars away from getting a camry
-heard some reports of it breaking down actually sooner than people think. so it’s a hit or miss with the newer cars
-interior is sorta cheap


-more stability on the freeway due to heavier car weight. better control when driving curves
-brakes not too responsive (so less jerky/abrupt stops), but braking is rated "above average" Motor Week said it went from 60 to 0 mph and it took like...120 meters..iono..something like that, to come to a full stop
-ES CVT base price is around $16,500 (including a/c etc) so ti’s cheaper than the corolla
-loose sporty, but is a sedan. don’t have to pay the sports-car insurance price, but you get the sport-car look in a sedan.
-nice interior

-Mitsubishi’s reliability has not been as established in society like the corolla, so a person would feel slightly uneasy of when the car would break down
-due to heavier weight of car (thought it gives more stability), that makes the car work harder to lug the weight, therefore it will give you less mileage than the corolla.

Personally, I want to deviate away from the Corolla cuz we keep getting camry’s and corollas and the Lancer looks sportier and slightly cheaper than the Corolla, but the Corolla has such a good reputation to pass up. It’s fully established in society and is well known for its good price, good mileage, and good dependability, but lately i’ve been seeing a bit more negative reports for some reason on them.

Mitsubishi looks nice for the price, but I’m a bit scared of how long it will last even though it has the 100,000 mile warranty and all those warranties etc. I’m also concerned about the gas mileage being lower ( avg 21 mpg city, 29 mpg freeway/highway) since nowadays the gas price is ridiculous.

Have yall heard of any stories of these two cars? Anybody has experience with either of these cars and would like to share your nit picky pros and cons about your car?

Car expert? what are your tips/tricks for finding cars. Any other car suggestion that would fit the categories of the car that I am preferring? Anything you feel you want to specifically point out for either or both of those cars?

Thank yall so much and I hope to generate some responses . We’re tight on budget right now and I’m trying to get an affordable car that doesn’t look horrible, but doesn’t have to look really good either. My parents refuse to buy me a used car, and in which I’m thankful for cuz I have this fear of buying used cars, so no used-cars recs please. Just new car recs.

hope to year from yall ! ^_^

ps: I’ve read tons of reviews of both experts and consumer reviews from and any other site suggestions?

Thank yall in advance :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Testing out my Camera Functions

Hey! :)

I have been really determined how to get my camera done right! XD So I posted up these pictures to get some feedback to see if yall guys can see the color and see things nicely.

My camera is the Canon A520

I set my Camera up with the "face" function where you scroll the round-about away from the "auto" function and onto literally a face icon. Then I pushed the "function" button, which should be the 3rd button under the LCD screen, and I picked a -1 and 2/3 +/- thingy majigger at the top of the functions list. After I scrolled down the menu (which should be to your left btw) and adjusted the AWB to Tungsten. I scrolled down to the next feature and put the "effects" function on to "vivid". Last, I put the picture on the highest resolution and put the sharpness on "superfine" .

1st pic: just some Jane mascara on
2nd pic: added ULTA Singles Eyeshadows in Luna. IRL it's much bluer than that so the camera still didn't capture the true color :( it looks so much prettier in person...still working on capturing the color!
3rd pic: same thing cept with eyes closed

This whole second look I have on Lancome eyeshadow in Like Mink. The camera made it look more brown but it's more of a shimmery taupe brown/grey ish. I also had on Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara and Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner in Black on both top and bottom, cept I only lined my bottom 2/3 the way.

on the 2nd pic, you can't really see the its still bit washed out >_<

well.....I'm almost much work just to try to get a good picture....argggg @_@

BTW....I've got a simple question:

For prom I'm considering wearing some Ardell falsies for the very first time. I went to CVS today to get some of my contact lens solution and stopped by the falsies section and stared at the 110's cuz they looked natural and stuff, but I also looked at the individual fake lashes...and I saw some other ones that looked natural but had an extra "oomph" to them.

That's what I would like, natural, but "oomphed" cuz I don't wanna go outside literally looking as if I wore falsies, but I would'nt like it either if my lashes looked TOO natural to the point where it beats the point of having falsies on, you know what i mean? What do yall ladies recommend?

I'm gonna be wearing gold eyeshadow, with I think NYX Rust. I'm actually considering using Chi's Golden Plum look to my prom since my dress is golden champagne, but more leaning on the gold side with some really nice antique-gold colored beads and stuff. I'll post up pics of the dress later, but for the eyes..yea..that's what I'm planning to do. Since I haven't decided on a gold eyeshadow yet, which gold eyeshadow would yall recommend me? I'm eyeing more towards NYX shadows, but if there's a better one out there for the same price (like..$5 or less). I'm gonna go to ULTA in hopes that they have NYX since I called in and they did say they had I'm hoping they didn't lie to me or mistakened it for NYC or somethin...

anyhoo, thank you ladies for any suggestions :)


okay, so, so far after looking at MUA for Ardell Falsies (Snowkei's ardell falsies pics), the ones I like so far are:


I'm not sure if ULTA has all of those, but assuming if they did, which one do you think is most suitable? I've never worn falsies and I highly doubt I'll wear falsies on a daily basis other than special occasions, so I just want one pair of falsies that I can use for all occasions. Like I mentioned earlier, I just want one that doesn't scream falsies, but adds that extra flirty eyes oomph.

I just don't wanna mess with mascara on prom since it might run on me and smudge here and there, and might even irritate my contact I thought maybe having falsies might do the trick in lasting all night, no smudge to worry about, and no contact lens irritation...what's your opinion on this?

and since the Ardells dont' come with their own glue, I'm assuming that I should go buy DUO lash glue right?

also, I heard that some people's falsies only last around 3-4 times. Some others said up to 10 times. How long would these Ardells last me cuz I'm planning on practicing putting on the falsies many times before prom comes so I can get them on perfectly by the time Prom comes. I just wouldn't want to waste my lashes just from know? I read "how to take care of falsies" in the ABB forum...and I'm guessing from that and some other stuff I read... I use either alcohol or makeup remover just slightly enough to remove any residue glue/eyeliner from the falsies' backbone strip thing?

sorry for all these questions! i'm too new at falsies XDD

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tagged by Lurve

So I got tagged by Lurve on her blog, and I shall now list the products. I actually had a hard time coming up with these 5 products since I usually don't buy many things (makeup-wise) and when I do buy makeup, I do so much research to the point where I don't experience many dissapointments. The only extreme disappointments I had with makeup is NYX loose Glitters and NYC Sungold Pink Lipgloss. So I noticed that most of my products refer to hair related products. I wouldn't say this is too much of beauty products, but eh, I tried!

Top 5 Products IchigoBunnie says NO-NO to:

1) Pantene Shampoos
I keep getting TONS of dandruff every time I use them! grrr! I love Pantene's hair conditioner, but the shampoo just isn't working. My Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo works better and costs less!

2) Cheap Tweezers
I noticed getting really bad ingrown hairs and split hairs when I used to tweeze with those super cheap store-brand tweezers. Even the Revlon tweezers suck. They snap your hair and don't pluck a damn hair. Irritating! Not only that, but they just don't have a good grip on the hair and the hair always seems to slip, and tweezing hair is just about nonexistent. Get yourself a good Tweezerman tweezers. The one I bought was only $4.50! It was the mini tweezers. I didn't bother to get the $20 ones and that cheap smaller $4.50 Tweezerman does the trick and gets the hair out great.

3) Old-school Shaving Razors
You're more prone to razor burn, nicks & cuts, and overall your legs just don't end up as smooth. I used to use a 2-blade pink disposable razor and I ended up carving out a huge layer of my skin--which hurt SO BAD. Now I'm stuck with this pretty bad scar. These razors just don't have that flexible moving head and they don't have a proper handle....just everything isn't right in my point of view. You can definitely get away with using these disposable razors, but I believe that since us ladies shave pretty often, usually during the summer, we should treat our legs with utmost care since they allow us to move to get to places. I actually use a guy's razor--my bf actually got it for me hahah. It's the Gillette Fusion Razor. You press the button and it vibrates and it honestly creates a smoother leg and I rarely have cuts in shower--even when I'm not wearing my glasses and I can't see where I'm shaving.

4) ELF Earth/Water....whatever Mascara
This is the WORST mascara is history!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM IT! It may be $1 but it made some of my lashes fall out, made them severely brittle while the mascara was on, clumped sooooo bad, STIFF crunchy lashes, all spiky-tarantula-like, flake-galore, smudge-galore. oh my god. It is just an awful product. I can't stand it! On top of that, this mascara gave me stys on both eyes! Ladies, never buy this product! It's soooo a must-NOT have.

5) Cheap Makeup Sets
I agree with Lurve on this one, but it doesn't only pertain to ULTA. It's a whole range of cheap makeup sets. They may seem enticing with their affordable price and infinite colors, but they are only good to play with little kids, not to use as your real makeup. I feel it's more damaging to your eyes and face overall to use products that are cheaply made that have zero pigment and drag across your skin. Save your money to get a better makeup that you'll actually use and not stuff in the closet to collect dust like those cheap MU sets.

I Tag...

YOU! You, whoever you are, you read this post and I tag you to write your Top 5 Beauty Product No-No's :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hair Challenge inspired by Chi and Exercise Challenge

So on one of Chi's blog entries, she talked about her hair regimen and I think it's about time that I start to follow her hair routine! I usually wouldn't do that type of hair routine, but I'm challenging myself to do it. I know that sounds corny, but I am a person who shampoos her hair every single day and can't bare to not shampoo every day, so this is quite a challenge for me!

I definitely know her hair routine is good because I remember my haircutter guy telling me that I should only shampoo twice a week since he said that my hair is too dry. So if a professional salon guy haircutter is telling the same hair routine as Chi mentioned, I am sure this hair stuff should work!

Now the problem is, is that I'm scared my scalp will end up all itchy and stinky and my hair will end up all greasy and limp. I am really scared of that, but for right now, I'll try out an "shampoo every other day" routine to get into a better habit. cheat a little bit, I'm gonna use a light mist of leave-in hair conditioner on the days I don't shampoo or condition my hair, only rinsing it with water in the shower.

Today I actually started this hair routine. I went to the shower and didn't do anything to my hair--which cut down my showering time too! So I'm assuming that with this routine, perhaps my parents will see a decrease in the water bill? hahhaaha.

Also, since I went to CVS with my bf to get the Milani, we also got 3 bottles of Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo, and I'm back using that again--thank god! I ran out and dandruff came back. Once I started using it again, my dandruff was in control and down to a minimum. So hopefully, with this new and improved hair routine, I will have moisturized(but not greasy) hair and a healthier and non-dandruff scalp.

Oh, I forgot to mention, maybe, just maybe, if I get lucky, my acne will go down too? My bf told me that ever since I ran out of the clear-shampoo Suave and used the thick Pantene shampoo, he noticed more dandruff on my head and more acne on my hopefully with less usage of shampoo overall will decrease my acne, and on top of that, using the Suave will hopefully ensure minimal dandruffage.

I hope this all works out nicely! Wish me luck :)

Now for the exercise business.

I need to exercise. I am a freakin SLUGGG. Texas apparently had a mandatory fitness test for all HS because our state is apparently "fat" and very "unhealthy". Well they certainly proved to me that we are indeed unhealthy! Despite that I am skinny, I am NOT healthy. I couldn't run very long and my sit ups count was too little! I mean seriously, what if I need to run away from a freaky dog or from a kidnapper? My body would fail me and I'd be caught by either one of them!

It's so sad to the point where when I walk up one flight of stairs, I'm already tired. Yes, it's that bad, so I have got to go to the gym this summer and start jogging again and stretching. Plus, who wouldn't want a killer body, you know? I'd like to have those abs like those VS models. You know, one of those soft-girl-two-packs that have the "line indentions" at the side of your abs. Who wouldn't want super nice legs? I guess what I'm trying to get at is maybe I can "tone" myself--NOT get skinnier. People often think that skinny people don't need to exercise etc, but I dont' see anything wrong with toning the body and gaining some lean muscle and just being plain healthy. I know I don't need to get skinnier, and I wouldn't want to--I want some curves! *pokes at Chi again for her to share some of her curveness* .

I've been horrible about what I eat, and maybe that's why my performance at school has gone down slightly? or maybe it's senioritus XD. I just ate a whole Cheez-itz box to myself and 1 and a half boxes of GirlScout cookies (Caramel Delites) and eating school cafeteria food isn't doing too good for my body I guess I better start eating more fruit! I did get a slight head start in eating a LOTTT of watermelon since the one my mom bought was sweet and juicy. I should keep that up >.>....

Since my membership has been frozen for the gym until summer (my mom froze it since I don't have time to go to the gym right now since I'm in school so we're saving the days for summer instead), I can't really jog too maybe I should do like 20 sit ups, 20 squats, and tons of stretching every day just to get a head start--and hopefully I'll stick to my plan! And hopefully some of my friends will invite me to play tennis again because I really like to play tennis (I used to be on the school team for 2 years) and it's good exercise. You know what...ever since I quit tennis all my muscle has turned into blubber and I can barely run a mile now! And I lost all of my flexibility. I used to can drop to the floor in a few seconds into a full splits, but now I can't. I can barely touch my toes now--aaaaaa! I better get started on getting my health back! Wish me luck on that too! hahaha

Monday, March 3, 2008

List of Lemmings

Hi everybody :)

I'm just gonna use this post to list whatever I've been wanting to have. I've been reading so many reviews and searching near and far for swatches and extra opinions, so if anybody has any extra input on the stuff I'm about to write, I'd greatly appreciate the extra opinions, recommendations, warnings, praises, etc for the products. My bf will probably be taking me to ULTA during spring break, so I'm trying to get together exactly what I need/want so I don't make him stand there all day in a makeup store! haha. Also, I can't waste the whole day on that--I'd like to spend time with him since we don't get to see each other as often. (plus since I can't get to a makeup store that often, I wanna be sure I make the most of every visit to the store and not regret what I buy!)

1) NYX Doll Eyes Volumizing OR Lengthening Mascara-- $8
I read every single review MUA had to offer on both of these and I'm having so much trouble deciding which one to buy! I heard great things for both. I just don't know which one is more suitable for our Asian lashes. I'm particularly looking for one that doesnt OVERLY volumize, but doesn't make my lashes look super-natural-ish either. I was thinking of getting the Lengthening once since I'm sure I'm able to add more coats to get the lashes thicker, and since I heard good things about both Doll Eyes mascara on their separation feature. This costs $8 and I needa know which to buy :O . BUT when I did a picture search on MUA, this lady had the Volumizing mascar on and her lashes look EXACTLY the way I want my lashes to be, but she's caucasian so I'm not sure it will work the same for me =/...that picture made me convinced to get the Volumizing one, but I'm still not sure which one to buy! I PMed that girl but haven't received a reply yet. Hopefully I do get a response soon. Does ULTA allow returns on opened products..?

2) Queen Helene Grapeseed Peel-Off Mask-- $3
Actually, just about any mask will do for me at this point. I'd love to find a great mask that will exfoliate, smooth out, brighten , and control the oilies, and be affordable on top of that, but maybe I'm just asking too much! XD I was considering this mask since it's so cheap.

3) Milani Eyeshadows in Shamrock and Blue Lagoon--about $5 each
When I visited Vanessa Garcia's blogspot, I practically fell in love with these two colors. Love them. I'm not quite sure if the Shamrock will look too "powerful-colored" on me or not, so I'm debating whether to get Milani in Shamrock or whether to get NYX's Green Tea. What's your suggestion on the green eyeshadows?

4) NYX Eyeshadows(need help in color decisions here XD)--about $4 each
  • Not quite sure what colors to get yet since I'm trying to avoid getting colors that I already have. I'm pretty limited on my money so I wanna make a picky choice to pinpoint which ones I know I can and will use. As I have mentioned before, I'm eyeing Green Tea but still debating on to get that or the Milani Shamrock.

    Is Mermaid Green better than Green Tea? I'm now debating between 4 things for green: Milani Shamrock, NYX Green Tea, NYX Mermaid Green, or NYX #8 Trio (green pallet that includes Spring Green, Lime, and Green Tea)
  • I'm also debating what to get: Rust, Burgundy Pearl, or Prune. The look I'm trying to get from those colors is using one of my lighter pinks to blend into a darker mauvey color. In particular, I remember Stephie making a tutorial for a Pink look and I want to make one just like that, except with NYX cosmetics because they are much more affordable for me. (Any recs on colors please?).
  • I'm also eyeing the loose pigments in Yellow Gold. I'm trying to find a gold and yellow ish color that can double as yellow when I want to make that yellow-green-blue tropical look and have the regular gold color to double as that christmasy gold that Stephie used in her Holiday FOTD. I prefer the pressed eyeshadows rather than the loose pigments since the pressed are easier to use IMO and more convenient, so to try to find that gold/yellow that can double up in lots of looks, I was debating whether to get from the pressed single shadows: Blondie, Yellow Pearl, Gold...and I think thats it. I did look back at the ABB NYX swatch that Alienman created for us and I looked at Sugabum's swatches since she had a great variety of these colors, and I'm still having a hard time deciding. AAA I wanna know.
  • Since VanessaGarcia showed the swatch for the NYX Lipgloss in Beige, I was thinking of getting that too since it looked pretty :) But I already have so many lip products and I'd feel guilty if I bought more! Tell me, is it worth it to get this lipgloss? Actually, you know what? I would like to get an orange lipgloss. You know, it's those orangey colors that you see the people over in Asia wearing. It's not too sheer of an orange, but it's not a powerful-in-your-face orange either. I'm searching for a girly orange that gives just enough of a hint of orange to brighten the face.
5) Milani Pressed Powder in Buff--about $4-6
I fell in love with the Cream-to-Powder one and now I want the pressed powder to try it out since Buff was such a great colormatch for me. Too bad the ULTA at my area doesn't carry Milani anymore. They said that they discontinued it because it wasn't selling at all =/ I'll have to stop by a CVS for it. The one near my house has all the colors, EXCEPT Buff. What luck. I'm hoping my bf will be gracious enough to take me to the one that isn't too near the house since it's on the way and in the same street as the ULTA. I just want to quit chucking out $13 for that Neutrogena Mineral Pressed Powder. Although I like it, it's too expensive for me to repurchase and the color isn't as good as the Milani Buff color.

6) Dove Pro-Age Finishing Hairspray - Long Lasting Hold--about $5
I saw that d0rksta (from youtube and blogspot) recommended this product for holding up her curls in her hair and since Prom is coming up in May for me, I'd like to find a hairspray that will hold the curls all day without all that crunchy crispy hard hair feeling you get with other hairsprays. Anybody have further input on this product? I want to ask that girl myself but she's busy at the moment with her BF coming over so I don't wanna bother her.

7) A Hilighter
I saw in Jeban's makeup tutorial that she used a Clinique Hilighter stick thingy on her nose and cheeks and forehead, and I wanna get one of those! Except problem is, is that obviously the US doesn't carry that product :( So I'm trying to find an alternative to it, and affordable one is preferred. So far I am using Date Bait from SilkNaturals, but it seemed to have sort of a tanned glow which isn't want I'm looking for. I wanted a hilighter just like the Clinique one that Jeban used OR the Ettusais Hilight Powder (except I can't get my hands on this one since it's online and it's too expensive for me!) Does anybody know any hilighter that is under $10, preferably hanging around the $5 range?

I am hoping that the ULTA has NYX. The first time I called in, the lady said they do not carry NYX. Then I called a few weeks later and the man said yes they do have NYX. HOWEVER, I don't know if the man accidently mistakened what I said as "NYC". I sure hope that he understood what I said in that they do have NYX! I'd hate for my bf to waste his time there driving me all so that there isn't any NYX there, you know? And since there's no Milani there either, that would be even worse.

If yall could give some input, I'd really appreciate that to help narrow down my list since I'm limited on my money and my trip to the store. Thank you :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Mall Trip

So when I went to the mall yesterday, my parents and I in search of a bathroom in Macy's after a long drive to this mall that's far from home.

Finally me and my mom got to the bathroom, which was next to the fitting rooms, and right before I entered the entrance for the bathroom hall, 4 models walked out of the fitting rooms wearing prom dresses. So I was there's some show to promote prom dresses or something. Then I realized I had to pee so bad and went straight through the doors. On the way out of Macys into the main part of the mall, I saw the same 4 models, cept on the mannequins' platform podium thingy.

Then I spotted that not only was there those models, but Miss Texas USA signing some autographs. So I lined up and got her autograph and took pictures with her, and she even put her crown on me :D. Sorry, I had a 4-year-old-wannabe-princess moment there hahhahha. I must say....those pageant contestants look...rather different in person than on TV and in photos. Well...of course for photos you know they photoshop them, but still...

After getting the autograph, I exited Macy's and since those 4 models were right there, there was a modeling recruiter people and asked me to sign up. You kno, its those people who ask you to fill out the sheet and what not. My mom got hesitant cuz she hates those modeling thing. She never let me have a chance to do anything. I'd love to model something. I think that would be awesome to maybe one photoshoot even. But hey, the process of filling out those sheets was cool cuz I got a free mini clutch (not fancy but hey, it something), free samples of those pricey hair serums and shampoo, and coupons for Visible Changes haircut (not gonna use them since that place is so expensive!) and a free DVD of the previews for One Tree Hill. My guyfriend is doing some modeling and he says it's pretty much easy stuff and easy money, but then again he has rather more of the unique model face anyway so it's probably easy for him because of that. I dunno, I wouldn't think it would be bad to model for Target or Walmart right? If you get paid, then why not XD.

Anyhoo, onward to photos:

Sorry, I didn't put makeup on. I just had on MoM and Neutrogena Mineral Pressed Powder in Classic Ivory

God I look so short! hahahha and she's even bending down for me! My face was up to her boobs if she didn't bend down for me XD (i wish i wore makeup cuz I don't really like how i look in here! XD haha)

My autographed pic :)

It's those four girls that came outta the fitting room and Miss Texas USA is behind the speakers at the table. I like the green dress :) Doesn't look as "Prom-y" as the other ones

Part of the mall

Me standing in a sitting area

Also while at the mall, I stopped by Sephora, of course. There are so many lipglosses in there that I would want to have O.O!! I checked out the Dior glosses because I remember Petitebelle liking them, so I tried some color on and I liked the consistency of the formula and the gloss itself. Too bad it's like $23 for the tube! I also looked at Bourjois's water-based lipglosses. I liked 3 of the colors. It was the two brighter pinks and the orange color that looked nice, but the Orange seemed rather sheer.

oooo I stopped by Victoria's secret too and those eyeshadows are pretty nice. Its the one in the tube with the sponge applicator. They're usually located near the cashier line. The one in the green tube looks REALLY nice. It's like this shimmery/not too glittery, but still glittery mermaid green. It's so pretty. Then I like this dark navy blue with sparkles in them too. The gold looked great as well, but I'd prefer if it had more of a brighter gold to it than the darker one. 2 for $10. I think the green and the dark navy blue tube are worth it to get. I think the other colors they have are ordinary and you can find those colors everywhere.

Well, thanks for stopping by and reading! ...or just looking at the pics lol :)


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